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Sometimes a Cartoon is just a Kids Cartoon and not “Capitalist – Individualistic Propaganda”

Paw Patrol

I swear some “academicians” just have way too much time on their hands and too little horsepower to figure out what is real and what isn’t. Sure, messages can be sent to kids (think govt schools) but this is just too far.

This one is personal – the Grandson, at 4 years old, is all gaga for a pack of mini-pooches that cooperate voluntarily to help people in distress led by their 10-year-old master: Paw Patrol.

While we do limit screen time, every time it comes on (or wants a DVR’d episode), he’s intently watching each of the pups working in conjunction with the rest. Each, if you haven’t seen it, have different “specialities” with their own vehicles to get stuff done. It is almost ALWAYS upbeat and happy in outlook and really is trying to get across that “no job is too big, no pup is too small.”  The Grandson knows the lines, the modes, and vehicles, and the names (and takes the fun in reminding Bompa what the names are) – and his favorite toys are those kits they come in. I don’t even mind that this may be a case of “cartoon as selling tool” – hey, I had G.I. Joe’s back in the day, too!

But this guy, Liam Kennedy, hates it all in an article called “Whenever there’s trouble. Just yelp for help’: Crime, Conservation and Corporatization in Paw Patrol.”.

Like I said, sometimes a cartoon is just a lighthearted cartoon with a particular take on life to draw kids in.  Kennedy, though, shows he can easily place his own worldview on Ryder and his friends:

With few exceptions, cultural criminologists have yet to investigate how crime, criminalized individuals, and punishment are depicted in children’s television programming. Undertaking the case study of the popular animated children’s series PAW Patrol, I find that crime is committed predominantly by literal outsiders and that wrongdoers are temporarily warehoused or forced to engage in hard labor. In this world, politicians are presented as incompetent or unethical and the state, either incapable of delivering or unwilling to provide basic social services to citizens, relies on the PAW Patrol corporation to investigate crime, rescue non-human animals in states of distress, and recycle.

I argue that the series suggests to audiences that we can and should rely on corporations and technological advancements to combat crime and conserve, with responsibilized individuals assisting in this endeavor. Ultimately, PAW Patrol echoes core tenets of neoliberalism and encourages complicity in a global capitalist system that (re)produces inequalities and causes environmental harms.

B.S, M.S., and Ph.D. – the old Bull****, More S***, and Piled Higher and Deeper.  Talk about applying an ideological outlook.  You can easily see that:

  • He doesn’t like how Govt is portrayed – he’d prefer a whitewash be applied to everyone’s eyes with respect to Govt.  Hey, what’s going in China right now there Liam?  I’m quite sure all of us could recall, large and small, events or actions that turned out badly. What he won’t say is that as things get larger, the communication problems go up faster and things go MORE than bumps in the night.
  • Apparently, he doesn’t like the idea that wrongdoers shouldn’t go to jail (of some sort) or be penalized for their actions.  So, he’s not all that hep on keeping people (and govt, above) accountable for their decisions and actions.
  • And who doesn’t know of elected officials who have risen too high and become enmeshed with the Peter Principle as they become incompetent? Or those that campaign on one thing and then reverse themselves once in office – and proving not only incompetence by deliberate malfeasance as well.

But the worst of this is calling a bunch of dogs and a little boy a “corporation.” What kind of stupidness is racing around in his noggin to even think of that as a “stand-in”/metaphor.  IT’S A CARTOON!  IT’S A KIDS SHOW”!  To try to slant a voluntary association (of a type, remember, this is a CARTOON!) as a legal entity is not only bad writing, it’s bad thinking.

I wonder what he thinks of an Amish barn-raising?

And I haven’t yet see Ryder getting paid for the actions of his pooch pack’s actions – so where’s the capitalism.  And at no time have I seen “environmental harms”.

This is a guy that is too full of himself and looking for boogymen in (one.more. time!) a kids’ show. And he really let it out in an interview with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (no real conservative outlet, they) (reformatted as well):

I would argue that the Paw Patrol, as a private corporation, is used to help provide basic social services in the Adventure Bay community. That’s problematic in that the Paw Patrol creators are sending this message that we can’t depend on the state to provide these services. Ryder should be in school

I just think that as time goes on, children might be less likely to critique the capitalist system that causes environmental harm in the first place and reproduces inequality

As as far as the iconic phrase of the show, “no job is too big, no pup is too small”?

To me that’s an individualist message. Pull up your boot straps, you can do it if you just try hard enough. That kind of message ignores structural barriers in our society and not everyone can do it.”

I bet he’s a Berni-Bro.  Certainly, a Big Statist a la “Nothing is good unless it comes from Government.  After all, individuals can’t do all this stuff”.  Remember, Bernie Sanders is against all individual actions or even voluntary actions within a voluntary association (e.g., a REAL charity and not these public-tax-teat-sucking “social organization” parading around as charities) – and this guy is saying the same thing. Nothing can be done outside of Government – that Individuals unable to do “good works”.

Bet he’d have the D.T.’s on our State motto of “Live Free or Die”.  Talk about an individualist outlook on life?


(H/T: The Blaze)