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What Will Come of NH Senate Democrat Energy Reforms? In Germany They Made Electricity a Luxury

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If you don’t stop using cheap, abundant energy leprechauns riding chariots pulled by unicorns will come and destroy the earth. Sound far-fetched? No more so than NH Democrat energy policy reforms they claim are necessary to “heal the planet.”

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The only way Democrats could “heal” anything would be to drop out of politics and get out of our way.


Democrats claim to be the party of public safety. They enact self-proclaimed common-sense laws that not only make crime and murder rates rise, but they also create the crime Meccas of our nation. Removing their urban laboratories from the dataset makes the rest of the heavily armed United States one of the safest countries in the world.

So, when the same idiots speak about other issues, you should assume their intentions are the opposite.

Case in point. The New Hampshire State Senate caucus has emulated their own Marxist Class Warfare Queen of Hearts, Liz Warren. They are releasing ‘plans.’ As if having a plan makes them smarter. It doesn’t. But it allows us to show you how stupid (or evil) their intentions.

Their energy reform/climate action initiatives are boilerplate environmental globalist nonsense. Schemes that have been implemented in full in places lie Germany, where electricity has gotten so expensive as a result, that it has become a luxury.

German consumers already pay the highest electricity prices in Europe. But because the government is failing to get the costs of its new energy policy under control, rising prices are already on the horizon. Electricity is becoming a luxury good in Germany, and one of the country’s most important future-oriented projects is acutely at risk.

Der Spiegel Electricity is a luxury in germany

That was five years ago. Germany still has some of the most expensive electric rates in the EU. It has the highest energy taxes in the EU.

The taxes prop up green energy infrastructure and State budgets while redistributing personal income as a stick to reduce personal consumption. 

The other EU nation competing for outrageous electric costs is Denmark. It went all-in on wind power until it realized they were killing their economy.

“Denmark’s economy is in a rut,” said Troels Lund Poulsen, the business and growth minister. “Cutting the PSO tax will be a significant help to Danish companies, which often compete with foreign companies that enjoy far lower taxes and fees.”

The PSO tax sustains “sustainable energy.” Without this, it collapses. With it, the economy collapses.

Meanwhile, back in New Hampshire, Democrats don’t learn lessons. Destroying our economy is the price we pay to grow government at the expense of the people.

And like the EU, they also fancy redistributing authority to unelected commissions. The Democrats new (proposed) gas tax is set, collected, managed, and distributed by a regional EU like entity called the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI).

Other schemes are planned to prop up the sort of green energy that has made electricity unaffordable in places like Germany. The solution to which is another levy to provide financial support to people their government policy priced out of the market. We’ll need a fee to offset the negative impact of the tax required to sustain the unsustainable green energy.

And this, we are told, is to save us.

Save us from the burden of disposable income, if we’re honest. But honesty gets you labeled a climate denier. I am a denier. I refuse to believe Democrats want anything more than a means to deprive you or your income and your liberty. 

And the facts are on my side.