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Michael Bloomberg: can millions/billions fix his candidacy?


For a guy that is rich enough to have already spent $409 million on national campaign ad buys (and most likely millions more on staff payroll and expenses), he just plain sucked last night. “What the heck did his staffers do to prep him for the obvious attacks” has been the refrain I’ve seen all day long.

Or has it been a case that he thinks he can spend a few more hundreds of millions more to paper over his disastrous debate performance last night?  Awful, just awful – I just kept giggling all night long.  Taking on the chin for being a billionaire, for all the Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs) with harassed women, why he hasn’t made his health AND tax records available – and his debating skill were stillborn. The only time he got a dig in was on Bernie in commenting about the most recognizable Socialist in America being a millionaire that owns three homes (Bernie came off rather poorly on that exchange).

BLOOMBERG_HypocrisyBut somebody has been assembling a LOT of oppo (oppositional) research on Bloomberg and it ain’t pretty – calling him a full of himself megalomaniac is being kind. Petty, know-it-all, He-BMOC-rest-of-you-little-people attitude, and an automatic assumption that he’s the smartest person in the room simply because he’s worth $60 Billion and should be able to run everyone else’s lives.  After all, don’t all technocratic Elite know better than you what’s best for you?

Anyways, this post is a compendium of a bunch of links to “stuff” about him. It really shows how a miserable person he is and how BAD of a snooty/ snotty person he is:

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