Media Tries to Paint Amy and Pete as Moderate Democrats - Sorry, That's Just Not True - Granite Grok

Media Tries to Paint Amy and Pete as Moderate Democrats – Sorry, That’s Just Not True

Klobigieg or Buttochar Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg

Yesterday I noted that Amy Klobuchar is no moderate but that the powers that be on the Left needed her that way. The same is true for South Bend the truth Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Their early far-left pandering was not false. They are both openly far-left.

It is how they would govern.

Sen. Klobuchar votes with Sen. Sanders 87% of the time. Bernie is a communist. Amy is at least 87%, Bernie. Even back home she is considered very progressive.

“Across the spectrum, Klobuchar holds positions that until recently were considered the definition of liberalism, and even on the left edge of that definition….Klobuchar has never gotten a rating lower than 85 percent from the ADA. In three years, ADA scored her at 100 percent….These are the ADA scores of a very solid liberal, which is what Klobuchar always has been and still is.”

This ADA is the Americans for Democratic Action. A defining force for the measure of liberalism (and not the classical sort). Klobuchar is not a moderate nor ever shall she be, no matter what she says or does on the campaign trail.

Mayor Pete is not a shade different. They share similar positions on guns, abortion, government intervention, and healthcare. And until it became clear that Bernie was still a threat and the DNC could not count on Biden, Pete and Amy had to go from fighting with communists (Warren and Sanders) for the votes of socialists to pretending they are moderates.

They are not.

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