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Amy Klobuchar – Still Not a Moderate Candidate

Amy klobuchar

Senator Amy Klobuchar is doing something right. By which I mean, narrative, messaging, and yes, deception. She is working hard to own the establishment lane and the banner of the moderate Democrat. But she’s not a moderate.

I bring it up because I have heard stories. Some women, Republicans, not many, think she’s the bee’s knees. And while Klomentum is a thing, so was Warren’s Rise (and fall) as was Biden’s. Things happen. Truths come out. Favor falls.

As for Amy, well, here’s one problem she needs to side-step. Not for the Left but for moderates or undeclared voters who think the constitution is a thing above all others. Not that long ago Amy Klobuchar insisted that passing laws that create mandatory gun buybacks are not the same thing as government firearms confiscation.

“Gun confiscation, right, if the government is buying back, how do you not have that conversation?” moderator Chuck Todd asked.

“Well, that’s not gun confiscation because you give them the offer to buy back their gun,” Klobuchar said.

You give them the offer? Mandatory means do this or else. What’s the else, former prosecutor Klobuchar? It’s called, fines and prison after people with guns come to your house to take your stuff because you refused the offer.

Klobuchar is (also) all-in on the so-called common-sense gun laws. The ones that disarm law-abiding citizens to give criminals an undisputed force advantage securing her the felon vote.

On the matter of abortion, Klobuchar is as far left as the rest. National Right to Life scored here with a zero.  She is not even an itty bit moderate on the issue.

According to National Right to Life’s scorecard of votes pertaining to the right to life, Klobuchar has voted 19 times against the pro-life position and zero times in favor of it—a 0 percent pro-life voting record.

She supports destroying human embryos for science, exporting abortion at taxpayer expense overseas, mandatory taxpayer funding of planned parenthood domestically, and supports legislation that denies rights of conscience. 

She even slipped an abortion provision into a human rights trafficking bill.

As a prosecutor, like Kamala Harris, she was tough on crime. For eight years. Her record is now coming under scrutiny by Democrats. The same leftists who abandoned Harris for her aggressive stint as Attorney General. Overly aggressive in regard to petty juvenile crime, or so they say.

How will that play with the left?

Ironically enough, it is the one issue where she can actually claim to be a bit more of a centrist, but it is the issue that will cost her liberal primary voters.