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Ilhan Omar Has Now Paid Her White Devil Boyfriend’s Firm Over a Half Million Dollars

Ilhan Omar and her White Sugar Daddy

Homewrecker Ilhan Omar currently under scrutiny for various potential acts of fraud by the FBI continues to dump campaign cash into her white lover’s “consulting Firm.” The Democrat poured another 215,000 to his business in the third quarter of 2019.

Rep. Ilhan Omar paid her boyfriend’s political consulting firm $215,000 in the last quarter of 2019 for “consulting, direct mail, research services, travel expenses, advertisements, and graphic design,” according to her FEC filing.

There’s nothing illegal about the payments. It’s just notoriously corrupt. A sweetheart deal with her sweetheart’s company gives off “bad optics” to put it mildly.

Optics indeed.

The King and Queen of the Anti-Semites Jihadi Prom are using donor dollars to facilitate their tryst. The reporting is suspect. The use is suspicious. And to make matters worse, she failed to report whether the expenditures were for a primary or general “election.” That’s with an “l.”

She’s paying for his travel (with her) as a campaign expense because he is “consulting.” Toa company that did not even exist before Omar ran for congress.

That’s not suspicious.

Luckily for her, she was elected in a Democrat ghetto district, by which I mean a strong D+ with little to no fear of losing to a Republican. So, short of the FBI finding something untoward her tenure in congress will be as long as she wishes.

Unless the Democrat Party grows weary of her. She is a Bernie supporter, a public antisemite, and a thorn in the DNC’s side. 

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