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Exclusive Video of Attack on Trump Supporters During the Tuesday NH Primary

Patrick Bradley

Tuesday evening a man slapped a minor wearing a Make America Great Again hat outside a NH Polling place, then got into a scuffle with adults who came to his aid. We broke the story Wednesday morning, and we now have an exclusive video of the alleged assault.

The alleged assailant was interviewed on site but then allowed to leave. It is unclear why the Windham Police did not arrest him Tuesday evening. 

Picture of alleged assailant?
Image Credit: Julius Fredi Soti

The accused, Patrick Bradley, has since been arrested (Thursday) and is still in custody, unable to produce 5000.00 dollars in bail money. He is alleged to have slapped a minor in a MAGA hat and assaulted adults who moved to assist the minor. He is also accused of trying to damage their tent and tossing signs.

Local media in the Granite State ignored the story until Fox News picked up the announcement of Bradley’s arrest.

It has since become a thing, with sites making claims that Bradley is a Bernie Supporter and supports Antifa.

We cannot verify those claims at this time but one of the individuals assaulted is one of our regular readers, so we have first-hand confirmation of the attack and the circumstances. We also have also obtained video from outside the building where the altercation occurred.

WIndham Trump Tent Damaged
Image Credit: Julius Fredi Soti

It is a standard grade exterior surveillance video from the school (polling place) so the quality is not great but you can Bradley and you can see the scuffle. 

Bradley, who has a history of minor acts of violence, a has apologized to the judge for his actions and insists it is the result of mental health issues.

I wonder if being inundated with Trump Derangement Hate from the same media that ignored this story might have something to do with his mental health “issues”? And should we expect people to embrace the TDS defense to excuse their acts of violence against supporters of the President?

Whatever the circumstances he should be prosecuted in keeping with the law and his criminal history. But that’s not the biggest crime related to this case. If he were wearing the MAGA hat this would have been breaking news moments after it happened and everyone in America would know his name. 

This is just another example of media bias by exclusion, especially right here in New Hampshire where it happened. And during our blessed first in the Nation Primary when every media outlet on the planet was in the state.

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