Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear a Democrat make the case for a charter school in his hometown? - Granite Grok

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear a Democrat make the case for a charter school in his hometown?

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Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is all over the news.  The latest is for failing to acknowledge an innovative charter school in the city where he was Mayor, South Bend, IN.  His silence is not surprising.

Pete and his fellow Democrat candidates for president are afraid of even the slightest deviation from the NEA’s anti-charter songbook.

If they haven’t got the courage to buck the NEA or at least to debate our failing education system how can they possibly lead America? Why would we want them to?

South Bend’s parents know the truth. Fully one-third of the city’s students opt out of the city’s public schools. Some are attending public schools outside South Bend. Some attend private schools. Still, others opt for charters.  Buttigieg knows the advantages that choice provides. He knows because he attended a private high school himself.

The Wall Street Journal wrote; “Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear a Democratic candidate make the case for a charter school in his hometown that aims to bring similar educational opportunities to the Black and Latino children who don’t enjoy the advantages that he had?” Yup, Mayor Pete is a “Profile in Courage” a whole new version. He has courage from behind. It runs in the party, what can you say?

Given that CEO Reed Hastings is a dedicated charter school supporter and one of Pete’s biggest supporters where is the courage, Pete?

Democrats want their kids to get a good education, they don’t care about yours

Mayor Pete isn’t alone in his hypocrisy on charter schools and school choice. Tom Steyer would deny parents of lesser means the ability to do as he did. Steyer sent his children to the San Francisco University High School, whose annual tuition costs $49,496.

The apparent hypocrisy just another way that Steyer uses his wealth in contradiction to his political views. Steyer is a hedge-fund billionaire campaigning against both wealth inequality and fossil fuels. Look up where he made his money. He is not fully divested from them today.

And they again we have Lieawatha you recall who is dishonest on the topic also… Vote Democrat. Vote hypocrite or vote liar. And they are throwing rocks at Trump… It really is galling. Speak your mind but put your money where your mouth is and stop lying. We expect our leaders to avoid “Do as I say, not as I do.” Shouldn’t Democrats Talk More About Charter Schools?