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If You Are Thinking About Voting For a Leftist What Should you Read to Understand Leftism

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This year we are facing an election. At the national level, the choice will be a leftist or the incumbent. The down ticket races are likely a reflection of the top of the ticket. If that is true then the election is not really Republican versus Democrat.

Those titles are monikers for fund raising organizations. What we will be deciding is whether or not we are going to lurch to the hard left.


So, what does the left, and this specifically excludes liberals, stand for. Dennis Prager has written that Christians read the bible to learn the basics of Christianity. Religious Jews read the Torah and the Talmud. Mormons read the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Muslims read the Sira, Hadiths and the Quran.  But if you are thinking about voting for a leftist what should you read to understand leftism? How can you understand what leftism stands for? What guides their thought and action?

Who would have ever imagined that to be a leftist, you have to believe that men give birth? Did you know men have periods? Who would have thought it is fair to women to have to compete in sports with biological males… who identify as females?

There are reasons it is difficult to define leftism. The leftists stand for chaos. Think about it; open borders, non-binary genders, scatological art, music without tonality, melody, or harmony; and drag queen story hour for 5-year-olds. There’s rejection of the concept of better or worse civilizations, rejection of the concept of better or worse art.

They favor the removal of Shakespeare’s picture from a university English department because he was a white male. Then there’s an insistence on the immediate end of all use of fossil fuels. Yes, that includes in transportation, home heating, power generation, etc. And there is the dismantling of capitalism, the economic engine that has lifted billions of people out of abject poverty in the last 25 years. And the list goes on and on and on…


Another reason it is impossible to define leftism is it is emotion-based. Leftism consists of causes that give those who lack meaning something to cling to. Think about this: Greta Thunberg wrote “The climate crisis is not just about the environment. It is a crisis of human rights, of justice and of political will. Colonial, racist and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it. We need to dismantle them all.”  Like all leftists, her position is to dismantle just about everything. Yes, this year we are facing an election.

As regards emotion and meaning, this is what Thunberg’s father just told the BBC:

“Greta Thunberg’s father has opened up about how activism helped his daughter out of depression … how activism had changed the outlook of the teenager, who suffered from depression for ‘three or four years’ before she began her school strike protest outside the Swedish parliament. She was now ‘very happy’, he said … ‘She stopped talking … she stopped going to school,’ he said of her illness.”


The world of the left leaves a vast number of the West’s citizens with no meaning. The hole is filled by leftist causes. It effects more and more young people. The truth today is life is better, safer, and more affluent, and offers more opportunities for more people, than ever before in history. Emotionally stable, mature people should be walking around wondrous of their good fortune. Americans in particular should feel this way.

But leftists are not usually emotionally stable. They are certainly not mature. That is why depression among young Americans is at the highest levels ever recorded. They look to leftist causes to find meaning and emotional fulfillment. Thanks to climate and other left-wing activism, Thunberg is now “very happy,” for whatever that may mean.

Fighting without a vision, just fighting

Today’s leftists are all for feminism and fighting patriarchy. They do this in an age when American women have more opportunities than ever before. They do this at a time when they have more opportunities than women almost anywhere else in the world.

Leftists are fighting racism in the least racist, multiracial society in history. Say what? They are fighting white supremacy which has almost disappeared from American life. They are fighting on behalf of myriad other leftist causes. Leftists are fighting to fundamentally transform society because if gives meaning to people with no meaning.


That is not morally or rationally coherent. It may be very emotionally satisfying. As we approach 2020 election season we do well to understand what we are listening to. Leftists are rampant in politics and the media. That does not mean they are right, that they make sense, or that they have a coherent world view. We do well to stick with coherent world views even if they don’t make us as happy emotionally. Yup, this year we are facing an election. How are you thinking about it?