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The Left’s All-Out Political War on Your Pets and Livestock (Including Here in NH)

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The Left is at war with America on many fronts, but one that has until now gone under the radar involves animals. Pets, working animals, livestock, you name it, the Democrat party is bringing the regulatory state to your door.

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The impossible Burger and its mutant offspring are the latest symptom of the movement. To remove animals from the lives of humans. Not just their diets.

As the new decade dawns, radical animal rights activist groups under the guise of saving us from animal cruelty have gone so mainstream that most of us barely notice the steady erosion of our rights to own animals, farm, ranch, fish, hunt, eat meat or wear leather and wool. Remember the late George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully, the happy yellow Lab now helping gravely ill patients? He’s considered exploited. Working animals from service dogs to riding horses are described as enslaved even though they’re happiest doing their jobs. Far too many animal lovers still donate to these groups mistakenly thinking they’re helping animals in need. Hundreds of millions send in $19, $50 or more to fund what is, in essence, a tax free lobbying effort to make it harder or impossible to own pets and livestock or eat meat and wear leather.

If you are thinking, that is not happening here your New Hampshire legislature has over 30 bills in the pipeline that touch on or advance this agenda.

NH Legislature 2020 Pet bills 1

Nh Legisalture Pet Bills 2020 s

Nh Legisalture Pet Bills 2020 3

Nh Legisalture Pet Bills 2020 4

Nh Legisalture Pet Bills 2020 5

And add HB501 from 2019.

The radical environmental lefts animal rights wing is behind most or all of this legislation or the narratives leading up to it — a path whose destination is clear but obscured by emotional pleas as with all left-wing projects. 

Are there cases of animal cruelty? Yes. It is wrong, sure. But that is no excuse to allow the left and more than a few sympathetic inattentive Republicans to advance a radical animal rights agenda that will affect everyone. And not just pets. Service animals, veterinary care, farm, and food animals and other livestock. The goal is to free the animal kingdom from human interference through a massive regulatory state you will have to finance.

With this many bills crammed into the pipeline, and the Governor having a commission on the Human Treatment of Animals, some of the more ridiculous bills are going to find their way into law unless we step up and stop them. 

Remember, Marriage Equality was never about Marriage. The Environmental movement and climate change have nothing to do with climate or saving the planet. This is no different.

Fighting it begins with knowing the problem exists and doing a bit of research. We’ve provided the list. It is up to all of us to dig in and get the word out.

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