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The Democrats’ “Economy That Works For All” Hoax

Dan Feltes Income Tax



To say that we need to “build an economy that works for all” implies that the current economy is not. Not only is there no evidence to support such a claim, all the data and facts belie the claim:


As the chart shows, everybody’s wages have gone up under Trump, but the growth in wages has been greatest for low-wage workers. More details from

The Trump Administration’s policies are not only leading to more jobs, but also to higher pay. For 16 straight months, annual nominal wage growth has been at or above 3 percent, a level not reached since the Great Recession, and continues to outpace inflation. Importantly, wage growth for many disadvantaged groups is now higher than wage growth for more advantaged groups, as is the case for lower-income workers compared to higher-income workers, workers compared to managers, and African Americans compared to whites. These income gains mark a fundamental change compared to those opposite trends observed over the expansion before President Trump’s inauguration, contributing to reduced income inequality. When measured as the share of income earned by the top 20 percent, income inequality fell in 2018 by the largest amount in over a decade. 

So it is a hoax to say that we need to “build an economy that works for all.” We already have such an economy and we need to build on the policies that are driving the economic boom not reverse those policies as the Democrats would have us do (more on that below).

Two more points.

The first is the New Hampshire Democrats get away with the Economy-That-Works-For-All-Hoax because there is no #RealNews in New Hampshire:


You know that if a GOP candidate had said this, the tweet would read “says WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE economy doesn’t work for enough people.” (And as a parenthetical, what’s putting our democracy at risk is the Democrats’ #FakeImpeachment and the #FakeNews enabling all the Democrats’ hoaxes – Russia-Hoax, Ukraine-Hoax, Economy-That-Works-For-All-Hoax, etc. etc. etc.)

Second point, the policies that the Democrats are pushing to give us an “economy that works for all” are from the AP article: Dan Feltes’ payroll tax (under the guise of Family Leave), green-pork (under the guise of “renewable energy” for combating “climate change”), and raising the minimum wage.

Feltes’ payroll tax, as everyone knows, is the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent for a broad-based income tax, while more net metering raises the cost of electricity for working people in order to subsidize Big-Solar. So the Democrats’ idea of an economy the works for all is less money in your paycheck and higher electricity bills.