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Obstruction of Congress Update – Biden Won’t Testify If Subpoenaed by Senate

omg Democrats prefer -Joe-Biden

Donald Trump was (sort of) impeached (in part) for obstructing Congress, or so House Democrats claim. Democrat Joe Biden, who is running for President, says he’ll do the same thing (obstruct congress) if called to testify on matters related to Trump’s Impeachment.

Asked a second time whether he would comply with a subpoena, Biden said: “No, I will not yield to what everybody is looking for here. And that is to take the eye off the ball.” He added, “No one has … one scintilla of evidence that I did anything other than do my job for America as well as anybody could have done it.”

Biden is saying that Trump’s interest in Ukraine’s investigation into the Bidens’ for corruption is a misdirection to avoid the investigation into Trump’s for his interest in Ukraine’s investigating the Biden’s. Or something.

In other words, stop making this about me, it’s about him, and I’m willing to obstruct congress to make sure this is about Trump obstructing congress. Or something.

Nice work, Joe. That’ll win you points with the declining approval for impeachment crowd.

It has also almost guaranteed that if there is a trial in the Senate, you will be subpoenaed.  

| Legal Insurrection