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HB1159 – The Public Gag Bill


The NH House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee is hearing HB 1159 – AN ACT relative to cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and doxxing of a public servant.

SPONSORS: Rep. Diggs, Graf. 16; Rep. J. Schmidt, Hills. 28; Rep. W. Thomas, Hills. 21; Rep. Frost, Straf. 16; Rep. Altschiller, Rock. 19; Rep. Grossman, Rock. 18


This is a ridiculous bill.

This bill totally trashes First Amendment Rights and even suggesting passage is breaking one’s oath to uphold and protect Constitutional Rights.


The people sponsoring this bill claim that as public servants they are being harassed and threatened and all manner of other public pillory on social media and wish to punish people for publicly talking about them.

These very people sponsoring this bill have themselves also very publicly written and said some pretty vile things about many people on social media.

Have you seen some of the violent and vile language posted by Rep. Frost and some of these other sponsors on their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds????

One of these sponsoring Reps was even accused of assaulting a NH senior citizen who happens to hold opposing views regarding second amendment rights.

Talk about irony!

Perhaps what they don’t like is other people calling them out very publicly about their own horrible behavior!


They claim that they have had phone calls and been sent things in the mail as a result of their contact information being made public.

I have news… as a public servant you have your contact information made public!

If you don’t like that then don’t run for public office!

Your cell phone or home phone is made public for anyone to call you to discuss an issue, your voting record, or whatever. That is what makes you a public servant.. You are answerable to the public… for good or for bad. If you are being harassed then we have laws that deal with that already.


I am a public servant.

I have chosen to “put myself out there”.

I am subject to the public’s scrutiny and to any comments for my actions as a representative and that includes public criticism and ridicule.

It is the public’s right to  applaud what I do and say, or to denounce it, or to expose it.

This bill is nothing more than a public gag bill and goes against free speech and the people’s right to dissent, electronically or otherwise!


If people feel threatened with some imagined threat of bodily harm, then perhaps a phone call to the police is in order.  I might add that the people who filed this bill are also the ones who are advocating for the removal of many of the rights to self defense in this state!   That says an awful lot to me right there!


If people don’t like what is being said or written about them, they can ignore it or provide a rebuttal. That is also free speech. We fight these things with FREE SPEECH, not silencing people who write or say bad things.

This bill deserves to be summarily dumped into the trash bin, with all of the other really bad bills some of these people have put forth.


I have a suggestion for the sponsors of this bill…. if you don’t want people calling you out about some of the social media trash talk that you’ve posted or anti constitutional bills you’ve filed then maybe you might want to reconsider some of your own actions as a “public servant”… it seems to me you get back what you have put out publicly… and the result is pretty much of your own making.    #Karma