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DISQUS Doodlings – Eco-Socialist is Angry at his Capitalist Brother’s Success


Peter D. Mare has issues and they don’t just lay in the realm of economic theory. He seriously has brother anger.  However, he comes off as certainly being an eco-Socialist. Eco because he’s at Treehugger and Socialist for his world-class envy outlook.

Add to that the “Academician Complaint” that goes like this:

I’m smarter than you, have more knowledge and degrees than you, have toiled in the Ivory Tower for long lean years so I’m made that my lessors are enjoying the successes that SHOULD be coming to me (you louts).

As in this part of a discussion that in any economy, there are winners and losers. But the Socialists are always blaming Capitalists for being EVIL and SELFISH in trying to serve others. That last part is what they always forget – in order for any Capitalist to get rich, they first have to solve other peoples’ problems or make life easier for others in order to have customers voluntarily give them money. So here is Peter D. Mare complaining that he’s not getting his due as an academician while his Capitalist brother, who found a niche to profitably serve others, lives quite well.

There’s a good reason why Socialism / Communism is call the Philosophy of Envy and this guy shows it in spades; reformatted and emphasis mine:

peter d. mare  answering Vindaloo Bugaboo:

One thing is for sure, there are selfish people (say the 1% driving in their Wednesday Porshe). They think they are the chosen ones. My brother worked in a bank and could see which business made money in Vancouver. One day he thought or had a friend suggest that he start his elastomeric paint company. He had no credentials, no licence, nothing. Made a few bucks and then switch to something a bit more serious like external foam insulation. He made a killing in the 2000’s.

Good on his brother – he saw his brass rings, grabbed them, and off he went.  But HE’S the selfish one????

And here’s the whiny envy part:

He does not deserve the 2 million dollar home and the Lexus. I worked harder than he did as a teacher. I remember coming back from school one day at 8 pm, not having eaten, and almost hitting a truck that would have been a lethal accident for me. I have more education than he does. I also paid more for it. There are too many selfish people running the show and too many puppets put to lead us over the precipice. In the US, both parties are owned by corporations. It is very obvious. That is why people who voted for Obama who did not do much voted for Trump. Of course, he happens to be a modern Hitler, but these are desperate times for many.

Sooner or later, they all broach Godwin’s Law because they have no other debate skills other than to go the ad hominem route. Yeah, I know – I couldn’t just let it go – the guy has issues and blaming everyone else for his choices in life, I thought (being no psychologist at all but having to read this kind of dribble for years…well, I couldn’t just help myself):


He does not deserve the 2 million dollar home and the Lexus. I worked harder than he did as a teacher.

He certainly does deserve the $2M home, the Lexus and everything he has EARNED. He saw an opportunity and took hold of it. You did not.

He made a “killing” – which means that more people wanted his services then yours. He saw what was possible – you stood still. Who cares if you have more education (and paid more for it). Entrepreneurs are always looking how to better serve other people – he saw openings in the marketplace where you ignored them. He took on the Risk/Reward of Capitalism while you just stayed in one spot – and are whining about it?

Do you consider your brother a Big Corporation? No, but you’re certainly envious of what he has achieved and had people WILLINGLY pay for his services. Sorry, a lot of people can be teachers but few can be entrepreneurs.

You made your choice and it is certainly obvious that you believe you made the wrong one.

So, was I too harsh?  Did I make any mistakes? What else did I miss in my response?

It was, however, not what Peter wanted to hear:
peter d. mare:

you missed the part where I talked about him being able to ascertain the profits made by renovation companies. Moreover, hindsight is always 20/20. who could have known that gwb was going to inflate that bubble like he did and like past detegulators (clinton, reagan,…) did. you dont know what it is like to get back a job as you get older. i do. at 50 or so you are becoming an expensive liability (tenure). old personnel complain because they have perspective that the young, eager student from university doesn’t have. my brother had little to lose. sorry, your analysis missed too many aspects. btw, my pension is equivalent to 1 million dollars over 30 years of retirement. the 2 million inflated price of his home will go back to 1 million or less when all those Chinese and boomers do not need to buy a house since they bought one anyway or found cheaper places to do so.

More family issues and boy, he is an angry person. But like all socialists, it’s never their fault when THEIR choices turn out to be worse than others when the results are all tabulated up.

So, once again, I pointed out his errors:


1) you have no idea if his house value will tumble as you think it should as retribution of such success passing you by. In fact, it could go up – neither of us know which way it will go.
2) Yes, I know EXACTLY what it means to have one’s job offshored at 60 years old – so instead of whining about it endlessly, I am recreating myself and have 3 startups in process, one of which is already starting to pay the bills.
3) in starting his own businesses, he had EVERYTHING to lose – absolutely everything. Most startups don’t survive 5 years and everything is at risk. He not only succeeded but thrived quite well and should be congratulated for A) serving his customers well and providing services that provided more value to them than the money they paid to him B) creating jobs for others and helping them provide for their families.
4) I feel sorry for you for your brother’s success.

And then I piled on again:

you missed the part where I talked about him being able to ascertain the profits made by renovation companies.

Actually, I didn’t – he put himself into a position to be able to observe things which is why I said:

He saw what was possible – you stood still.

He saw the opportunities and went for the brass rings – and made it. While he might have been a bit closer to the action, I know a number of entrepreneurs who DIDN’T start at banks; but they did their own research into finding vacuums in different marketplaces and made the decision to move to them and fulfill customers’ needs.

And I left him with this:


BTW, ever try to start your own business and sign the front of paychecks?