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Data Point – ALL Democrats are now the country’s best gun sales guy?

The surge of gun buying by Americans of all stripes, in all parts to the country continues, and took a big jump last month. As the National Shooting Sports Foundation reports, December 2019 adjusted NICS background check totals — a good indicator of retail gun purchases in the US — increased 15.1 % from a year earlier. The fourth quarter was up 4.9% as well.

Heading into an election year with all of the Democrat candidates’ running on more restrictive gun control laws — if not outright confiscation — Americans are doing what rational actors do. They’re hedging their bets and buying more guns and ammo. Just as they did in 2016.

What does that mean? Thanks to the anti-gun left’s assiduous opposition to Second Amendment rights, the total number of civilian-owned firearms — 423 million according to the NSSF — is rising by the day, with no end in sight.

So, NH Rep. Deb Stevens, pat yourself on the back for being part of the most successful cadre of gun sales dudes out there.  You’re surpassing the former one, the Lightbringer himself, Barack Hussein Obama.  Thank you for your contribution to our cause. Again, you’ve not learned the Power Of Shutting Your Yap.

Good!  Keep talking and talking and talking and talking…..

(H/T: The Truth About Guns)