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Concord ‘Women’s March’ a Yawn Fest

Women's March Concord

Today was the 4th annual ‘Women’s March’ in Concord. The march began in January 2017, after Trump was elected. Apparently, Trump was suddenly going to take women’s rights away… or something (NOTE: he hasn’t). Like last year, the attendance was sparse and frankly, the rally was boring AF. There were maybe a couple hundred people there and many left long before the rally was scheduled to be over at 2PM. Considering so many left-wing organizations in New Hampshire were sponsoring the rally and must have a very wide reach, the attendance was again, kind of sad, especially in an election year!

Here’s what the sponsors of the rally had to say about it:

Join us for this FREE event at the New Hampshire State House in Concord as we continue to write our next chapter and influence history. We have resisted and persisted for over three years and now are bolder and stronger than ever before!

This year, the rally will highlight the importance of “marching to the polls” come November. In 2018 we made history in electing so many women and LGBTQ people here in New Hampshire and nationwide. This momentum must continue and grow leading up to this year’s elections.

We can make a difference up and down the ticket – together, our voices will rise and be heard!

Keep checking here for further information and updates over the next two weeks.

And there were a LOT of sponsors:

Women's March 2020 Sponsors
Many sponsors of the Women’s March in Concord… not so many participants

As usual, the Women’s March was mostly about abortion and not about actual women’s rights but that was lost on attendees. Most of the same people who sponsored the rally push AGAINST actual women’s rights like the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment. SEE: Red Flag Laws if you have any questions.

It’s really simple to tell the story in photos because these are the words of the people who were in attendance. Brace yourselves for the ignorance, it abounds.

This sign was really amusing. Apparently, inanimate objects somehow have rights now? Is this woman unable to go to the post office, court houses, federal buildings or fly on a plane?

Concord Women's March 2020
Guns have rights???

Rights and Democracy was one of the sponsors of the rally and had the following sign at their tent. IRONIC since they hosted Jew hater Linda Sarsour in Manchester last year:

Rights & Democracy Hate
This org hosted Jew hater Linda Sarsour in NH last year.

Love more, hate less, UNLESS the love is for an unborn human being, including future women. How exactly is abortion healthcare? Healthcare is supposed to heal people, not harm them.

Abortion is healthcare
Love More… UNLESS it’s loving an unborn human being.

More IRONY… Democrats and leftists (usually one in the same) have been THE most UNcivil people since Trump was elected and most especially violent against anyone who dares to support Trump.

Civility from the ANTI-Trump Crowd
The ANTI-Trump crowd, who have been THE most UNcivil people in modern history….

Of course, there were ANTI-Trump signs as well.

Women's March Concord
Wasn’t it the Clinton campaign that was colluding with Russians?

Both Jeanne Shaheen and Chris Pappas spoke at the rally. Maggie Hassan couldn’t make it but a note was read from her. Kind of sad there are twice as many representatives in the U.S. Congress than there were people at this rally. They spewed their usual left-wing nonsense.

Jeanne Shaheen Women's March
Jeanne Shaheen, who is actually AGAINST women’s rights, at the Women’s March
Chris Pappas Women's March Concord
Chris Pappas, another Democrat who is AGAINST actual women’s rights

Of course, ‘Climate Change’ hacktivists were there as well. Who wants to tell them what their table and sign are made of?

Climate Change Hacktivists
Do you think they know what their table and sign are made from?

This sign is absolutely AMAZING! It’s Democrats who consistently and continually LIE about… well… everything, including their own horrid policies and legislation, but that, again, is lost on their supporters.

Facts from Democrats?
Democrats lie on a regular basis… facts? They don’t need no stinkin’ facts.

Speaking of facts, ‘SCIENCE IS REAL’… except when it comes to B I O L O G Y.

Science is Real
Science is Real… sometimes… when they ‘feel like’ it’s real… or something.

Oh wait, it gets better. This attendee calling Trump (assuming that is who she means) a ‘racist pig’ while sporting a hat from an organization that was started by well-known racist Margaret Sanger.

Racist Pig = Planned Parenthood
Do you think she knows Margaret Sanger was a hard core racist?

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld (also former Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party) made an appearance as well. He’s apparently running in the primary against Trump, or something.

Bill Weld Women's March
This ought to win over Republicans

Speaking of Planned Parenthood, Annie Johnson spoke for the abortion corporation and outright LIED that there aren’t multiple low-income clinics in New Hampshire for women to seek medical care. She prefers they seek SUB-PAR care at Planned Parenthood.

Annie Johnson Planned Parenthood
Johnson LIED about low-income clinics in NH… not a surprise

Pro-lifers were in attendance as well, including New Wave Feminists. They aren’t welcome participants at the rally, despite some Democrats being pro-life. Of course, Democrats who are pro-2nd Amendment aren’t welcome either.


Women's March Concord Pro-life
Pro-lifers aren’t welcome at the Women’s March but they still attend.

New Wave Feminists were also in attendance.

New Wave Feminists
New Wave Feminists protest abortion at Women’s March in Concord

Not all young people are PRO-abortion.

DEFUND Planned Parenthood
Student for Life protests Planned Parenthood

Some Granite Staters ACTUALLY care about protecting girls’ and women’s sports. NOTE: The people who care are NOT Democrats.

Save Women's Sports in NH
Not all women kowtow to trans activist b.s.

A photo from the rally about 45 minutes before it was supposed to end. #sad

Women's March Concord
There weren’t many people in attendance at the Women’s March

One woman caused a stir when she dared to hold up a cardboard Trump cut out during the rally. Not only does Trump live ‘rent free’ in the left’s head but seeing a cardboard cut out of their president makes them lose what little minds they have left. There was a bit of a riff while Jeanne Shaheen was speaking.

Trumpt at Women's March in Concord
Even a cardboard cut out of Trump triggers leftists

That was it in a nutshell. The rally was really a yawn fest, no new ideas, just the same old lies. Shaheen lied that Equal Pay isn’t law and women don’t earn it. Annie Johnson of Planned Parenthood lied that there aren’t multiple low-income clinics in New Hampshire for women to get medical care. Chris Pappas just tried to remain legit. Too many ignorant people who really have no clue what the truth is were in attendance, albeit small.