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Subdued Women’s March Was Really an ANTI-Women’s Rights Rally

Today in Concord, Planned Parenthood sponsored the Women’s March along with a list of ‘Who’s Who’ of left-wing organizations in New Hampshire.  The emcee made a point at the beginning of the rally that their group, March On, was not related to the national Women’s March organization that has been riddled with accusations of anti-Semitism, bigotry and racism and that they, as an organization, will not tolerate any of that behavior.

Unlike the first two Women’s Marches, this year’s march was far more subdued with far less people in attendance. There were maybe 150-200 at one time but none of them stayed for very long. The march also lacked the energy of the original march. It seemed that attendees also weren’t as angry as they were that very first march but considering that one happened the day after President Trump’s inauguration and they were still in shock Hillary Clinton had lost.

Senator Maggie Hassan spoke about healthcare and how women needed access to affordable, quality care. Interesting since her party is the party of Obamacare which has caused women to be unable to afford either health insurance or actual health care thanks to the high cost of premiums and outrageous deductibles.

Senate President Donna Soucy also spoke at the rally and talked about Medicaid Expansion; pushing a minimum wage and the Democrats’ ‘income tax’ plan for Family Medical Leave.


Representatives Chris Pappas and Annie Kuster also spoke at the rally. Senator Shaheen was the only member of New Hampshire’s Congressional Delegation that wasn’t in attendance.

But what exactly is the Women’s March all about now? It was understandable in 2017 when Clinton lost the presidential election so what are they marching for now? They claim they are marching for women’s rights but that is the furthest thing from the truth.

There are major themes at these Women’s Marches across the country and a majority of them are simply pushing leftist policies, many which infringe upon women’s actual rights.

One major theme seems to be gun control although there didn’t seem to be many there with gun control signs and only a few showed up from Moms Demand. Apparently, left-wing women don’t understand that women also practice their fundamental human right to self-defense. Two teen girls spoke at the march about how they wanted to support gun control legislation that will absolutely harm women’s rights to self-defense.

The teens were great speakers but regurgitated lies pushed by the gun control lobby like their false claim that Constitutional Carry in New Hampshire allows dangerous people to carry firearms concealed. Since ‘Constitutional Carry’ only applies to those who are legally able to purchase and possess firearms, their claim is obviously a lie. What they don’t grasp is that criminals already carried concealed without asking for permission to do so from the government because they are criminals.

It’s unfortunate these young women are being indoctrinated into infringing upon their own rights. Rights which they are too young to fully practice yet but which they seek to incrementally take away before they are even old enough to fully practice.

What does the March On organization say about women’s 2nd Amendment rights?

Gun Reform:

We believe that our modern interpretation of the 2nd Amendment has become destructive and that is the right of the people to alter it.

We will only vote for candidates who support and will fight for sensible gun laws.

It is time for semi-automatic, automatic, and military-grade weapons to be illegal for private citizens to own or carry.

Of course, it’s clear these women don’t know the first thing about firearms but they literally want to ban millions of women from owning firearms they use to protect themselves and their families. That’s not exactly promoting women’s rights. In fact, these women are pushing to have government take actual women’s rights away from them. How is that ‘progress?’

These women also support handing actual women’s rights over to men who self-identify as women but are biological, intact, men. It’s interesting that they believe science is real except when it comes to transpeople and abortion.

Abortion is always a huge theme at these events. This is a given since the march was co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood, who makes a lot of money on the practice as the country’s largest abortion provider.

Pro-life feminists and pro-life supporters were also in attendance, as they are each year. They aren’t allowed to be part of the actual event but they protest on the public part of the sidewalk in support of future women’s lives and women’s rights.

The irony of this photo with a quote from Susan B. Anthony was not lost on some people. Anthony was referring to the Democrat Party when she said this because Democrats didn’t want women to have the right to vote. This quote rings true of the Democrat Party today because they are the party that continues to infringe upon actual women’s rights with no end in sight.

All in all, the 2019 Women’s March was a fairly quiet event. It’s a bit surprising given the massive number of organizations that were involved:

It seems some people had conversations and discussions with each other despite being on opposing sides. Maybe when there’s less anger women can have discussions to see what the other side thinks and where they can possibly meet in the middle or even agree on some issues or at least respectfully agree to disagree.

There wasn’t nearly as many anti-Trump signs as there has been at the previous marches although there were signs about the border wall and some who want completely open borders.


Maybe women didn’t feel the need to come to the rally in large numbers because Democrats now control both the New Hampshire State Senate and House? Unfortunately, these women don’t seem to understand, or care, that Democrats seek to take away their actual protected rights as human beings. The Women’s March was once again nothing more than an anti-women’s rights rally. Given the amount of anti-women’s rights legislation coming out of the Democrat-controlled legislature in New Hampshire, it’s surprising they insist on calling this rally a ‘Women’s March.’

They usually get a bit more psychotic and ‘out there’ in Portsmouth. Photos courtesy of Jeff Chidester: