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Blackmail, treachery, and Quid Pro Quo by the Democrats

Laconia Daily Sun

I see that my local paper, the Laconia Daily Sun, is still printing those stupid hate Trump cartoons. This time Santa’s bringing down Trump. Well, not likely, as the Grinch Pelosi is holding onto the impeachment papers, trying to blackmail the Senate into conducting a Schiff-like kangaroo court over there.

Fat chance!

So, with no evidence and their witness testimony of hearsay, opinion, and biased conclusions, none of which would be admissible in any real court in the country, Nancy is between a rock and a hard place. Swell, and after three and a half years, they have had plenty of time to find evidence if there was any.

Another delusion suffered by the left is doing away with the electoral college. That would take an amendment to the Constitution, a two-thirds majority of the states for it. Reality check: No way 37 states are going to give up their equal representation in Washington so a few big states will control everything. Forget about it; it’s not going to happen.

Then a few left writers had some questionable perspectives. Peggy Polo asked is Joe Biden the bad guy? Yes, Peggy, Joe is the bad guy by his own recorded admission, bragging how he threatened to withhold a billion dollars unless the Ukraine President fired the investigator looking at corruption at the energy company Joe’s son, Hunter, was raking in millions for being a hotline to Joe. Ukraine did, and Joe released the billion. That classic quid pro quo, a crime, a felony, I believe. Trump did not, demanded nothing, received nothing.

Another writer, I forgot who, stated, “Trump’s insults alone were grounds for impeachment.” When was that law passed? I missed it. Not only is it not a crime, it’s a foolish thing to say out loud and worse to write it where I can laugh at it.

Lynn Rudman-Chong referred to Republicans as “Treacherous.” Will these delusions never end? It was the left that started the Russian collusion with the Steele dossier, lied to the FISA court, railroaded Gen. Flynn, spied on Trump’s campaign illegally, violated several civil rights of Trump supporters and the President himself. Conducted three years of phony investigations, lied, smeared, slandered, broke numerous laws, culminating in the Stalinist Schiff investigation debacle. Good grief, Lynn, get a grip.

Interesting article in the Denver Post by writer Tina Griego when she was asked what she thought would happen to our economy if all the illegals were deported. The premise was that they pay their own way. Well, Tina, decided to research that question, with results not everyone will like. Seems that would save the U.S. $538.3 BILLION annually. Overcrowding in schools, hospitals, congestion on highways, in courts, prisons, law enforcement, homelessness and drug addiction would be drastically reduced. Also, it’s estimated that $200 Billion in American wage suppression is created by illegals and one million sex crimes eliminated.

Her report, not mine; don’t like it, prove her wrong. But what could we do with $538.3 billion extra every year?