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ALERT: GUN CONTROL Hearings in Concord!!

Gun Control in NH

From the Women’s Defense League:

The destructive and draconian gun control bills that were VETOED last year are back in the House once again!!!! There is also legislation that will effectively END gun ranges in the State of New Hampshire!

There are two hearings in the House and one in the Senate. BOTH are important for you to VOICE your opinion over!


Show up at the hearings. You do not have to testify. You can sign in against these draconian gun control measures and show the committee that, as always, Granite Staters refuse to kowtow to out-of-state organizations seeking to harm their protected fundamental human right to self defense.

Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee
When: Wednesday –  January 22
Where: Legislative Office Building – Rooms 210-211

1:00 PM  – HB 1101, imposing a waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm! They want to make women LESS SAFE by forcing a 3 (really up to 7) day waiting period between the time of purchase of a firearm and the time of pickup of said firearm!! Law Enforcement has no duty to protect us; we must be our own first responders. This bill inhibits women’s right to self defense.

This will effectively END all gun shows in New Hampshire (hurting small business) and once again, harm all law-abiding citizens!

2:30 PM – HB 1379, requiring background checks for private firearms sales AND transfers. This legislation will actually make it impossible for women to get gun safety training! This legislation (the same as last year’s) will turn law-abiding citizens into criminals all while criminals continue to completely ignore existing laws! It’s the same exact California gun control legislation they have tried to pass 3 previous times and finally passed last year under the Democrat-controlled legislature. The governor VETOED it.


Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee:

First Name Last Name Phone Email
John Bordenet (603) 352-0680
Dennis Fields (603) 528-6224
Dennis Green (603) 234-7776
David Meuse
Nancy Murphy (603) 424-0254
Sue Newman (603) 880-8973
Ray Newman (603) 880-8973
Andrew O’Hearne (603) 558-1038
Linn Opderbecke (603) 742-4119
Laura Pantelakos (603) 436-2148
Julie Radhakrishnan (603) 321-1965
Terry Roy (978) 235-2400
Sandy Swinburne (603) 876-4173
Dave Testerman (603) 320-9524
Scott Wallace

You call email the entire committee using this email address: OR even better, copy and paste their individual emails below:

Senate Judiciary Committee
When: Thursday –  January 23
Where: State House – Room 101

10:00 AM – SB 469 will effectively shut down gun ranges in NH. This bill not only wants to change the existing rules as they apply to gun ranges and noise ordinances but will allow people to sue gun ranges if they violate the noise ordinance that the local town decides to make up.  Under existing law, gun ranges operate under the noise ordinances when they were built. Most gun ranges have reasonable rules around shooting time that fall within the town’s regular noise ordinances.

What this bill will do is shut down gun ranges and PREVENT people from getting gun safety training.


Senate Judiciary Committee:

First Name Last Name Phone Email
Sharon Carson (603) 271-3207
Shannon Chandley (603) 271-4151
Harold French (603) 271-4063
Martha Hennessey (603) 271-3042
Melanie Levesque (603) 271-4151

You can copy and paste their emails below and send one email to the entire committee:

Michael Bloomberg and other out-of-state organizations are spending a lot of $$$ to push all of this gun control in New Hampshire. It will take an army of Granite Staters to FIGHT BACK!

The Legislative Office Building is located directly behind the State House. That is where the Criminal Justice Committee hearings will be held.

The State House is located at 107 N Main Street in Concord. There is limited on-street parking, and a near-by parking garage.

Driving directions are available here.