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Your dramatic pause reached its expiration point a while ago…get on with it

Corey Lewandowski

If. If. If. If…

Dear Corey,

Look, you and I have known each other for a long, long time. I still appreciate what you did for GraniteGrok when we were just starting out when you were the Exec. Dir. for AFP/NH – you always looked out for us at your events and always made it clear to we lowly bloggers that we were welcome at your table. That ticked off the Established Media who weren’t all that happy with us but you did it with a smile; you didn’t have to do that. But enough is enough – consider this the equivalent of my post of long ago to former US Senator John E Sununu that said “Hey, when are you going to start campaigning???”. It wasn’t all that well received.  Well, too bad – GraniteGrok saw a problem and we reported on it. No, not like the MSM would – we actually say what we’re thinking.

Your turn.  Michael Graham just wrote this (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Corey Lewandowski says he’s made his decision about a possible 2020 U.S. Senate race and, while he won’t say what it is, he does have a message for the New Hampshire Republicans already in the field: “Don’t bother. You can’t win. If I decide to get into this race, it’s going to send shock waves not just across New Hampshire, but through the country,” Lewandowski said on the John Fredericks radio show Thursday. “I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think I would be successful.” He doesn’t have the same confidence in the rest of the GOP field: Retired Gen. Donald Bolduc, attorney Corky Messner and former NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien.

“I hear the other [NHGOP] candidates can’t raise money for a litany of reasons. If I said today ‘I’m out of the US Senate race’… it’s not like they’re going to raise $10 or $20 million tomorrow. Let’s not kid ourselves. “The only person who potentially can get in this race who has a national profile is Corey Lewandowski. And the only person who’s going to send Jeanne Shaheen home permanently, if I do get in the race, is going to be me.” “People can argue it,” Lewandowski added, “but that’s just the truth.”

If. If. If. If.  Been listening to this for months.  And then on the other side, I keep getting emails from a website, “Run, Corey, Run!” set up by a bunch of political operatives beseeching me to sent THEM money to prove to Corey that he ought to run (again, how does that work – sending my money to them will make Corey run?  Are they that serious or really think we’re all that stupid?). Enough is enough is enough.

Get off the pot, Corey. You’re getting worse than when all these TV reality shows do when announcing “winners and losers” (e.g., Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, American Idol) that just hesitate longer and longer before reading a person’s name. I just get up and go to the kitchen or back to my office at that point – I’m done with that crap.  It’s gotten more and more ANNOYING as those hesitations got longer and longer.  Used to watch those shows, sometimes. No longer. It’s both highly annoying and disrespectful to us, their audiences.

It is also the same here in politics. At least Forging with Fire announces their losers or winner in a heartbeat.  Get off the pot and get to it.  Enough of stringing this out ad infinitum. Even we who are political wonks and nerds are getting to the point, just like those TV shows, of not caring anymore. Kitchen time.

Translation: will this be your modus operandi going forward?  The Corey I knew well was a leader and made decisions well – and quickly.  This has now devolved into indecision – it’s no longer political stagecraft. Fish or cut bait.  Enough is enough. Any pent up demand is now starting to say “what, again?  Meh….”

Or like I pointed out at the top of this post, you don’t want to end up like John E Sununu.