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Ring,ring….ring,ring….hey, Team Sununu, anyone home?


I DID get a call from Senator Sununu’s Communication Director – and as I thought it might have been (…"Maybe it was a glitch…"), I was told that she heard nothing at the other end of the line when she picked up.  I will accept that!

I outlined what I was looking for and my concerns – let’s see what happens from here on out.  BUT in the mean time

Thank You, Barbara!


John E. Sununu

Senator Sununu (R-NH) GraniteGrok file photo 

I’m the political one in the house…my wife mostly tolerates it but does, at times, come out with some gems. 

She heard what transpired....

We had to go run a short errand and during the trip, she asked "so what IS the big deal?". My answer was another question

"Do you know who is running against him"?


"how do you know that?"

"I hear about her all the time on TV and in the paper"

"And Sununu?"

"What’s he saying?" She had no answer.
(Update: she later said that unless you were a Republican that notices, you’d have no idea that Sununu’s seat was up for grabs and he was running for it….just Shaheen).

You know, I really want to help the Rs here in NH. But you can’t even tell these folks that there’s a trough…. 

So what the heck am I talking about? 

I’ve offered both Senators’ office/communication staff time on Meet The New Press and offered the courtesy to do guest posts.  What do we hear?


We have some friends up on the Hill; an arrangement was made "hey, his Communications Director is expecting your call!"  So, I call, hoping to just play it straight (I admit, we can be as hard on the Rs as we are on the Ds.  We expect the latter to act badly….we have far higher expectations of former) and make the simple offer – time and guest posting. 

Guess what happens…


Receptionist answers, I announce who I am, with a show and a site. 

"Which site?"


After a moment, I was transferred to the Communication Director’s office.  When she answered, she said "hello".  Since it had been a few moments waiting, I stammered, "yes, this is Skip Murphy".


Well, I told our friend, "Thanks for trying!"

Look, Sununu doesn’t have to like me. I don’t agree with him on all topics, but I KNOW I disagree with Shaheen on almost ALL topics.  He’s a decent guy and deserves to be supported by us "Live Free or Die" folks.  He deserves much better than to lose to Shaheen.

He also deserves a better reputation than what his staff is giving him.  His Communications Director should be giving folks who want to give him a fighting chance here in NH a better chance at doing so than what she is.

Maybe it was a glitch.  Yet, it’s not like his office doesn’t know how to contact us (I see them in my visit stats regularly).  She has my number and she has my email address (yeah, the last one with the offer went unanswered).

Heck, maybe the Senator ought to be looking at his TeamSununu site too – does he realize that it is awfully hard to find a simple email address to compose an email to send to his campaign (sorry, I hate email forms!!!).  That’s sending the message "booger off, we don’t want to talk to you unless you’re contributing money".

Look, his Comm Dir doesn’t have to like me either.  But if his campaign is on a par with his office’s  level of customer service like that, he IS going to get the crap kicked out of him this election….

I’m willing to spend time and effort that I DON’T HAVE to help Sununu and Gregg get their messages out…but they at least have to talk to us.  But the willingness behind that effort will evaporate like all the snow around here is if we get continue to get nothing but the cold shoulder treatment. 

BTW, Shaheen?  Look at her site – I have to admit, it is ALIVE!  And she links to (gack!) bloggers!  With schedules!  With emails!  And a blog!  And sends out a REAL motivating style email blast!  And she’s in the media?

Sununu and Gregg?

Message, gentlemen?

We had Congressman McCotter on Meet The New Press again this Saturday.  Doug posted Grant Bosse’s video today.

The largest problem in NH is that the Rs have no other message than "vote for us, we’re better than the Dems.".  We sometimes hear what we are searching for, but then the actions do not support the rhetoric.  Look at McCotter, look at Bosse – THEY have messages that people can get behind!  Words matter!

I’m tired of not having a message to brag about, to be enthused about…..I’ve waited long enough.

In fact, there are a LOT of angry conservatives who are believing this too – two weekends ago in Chicago I was surrounded by ACTIVE activists that are tired of waiting…

I’m with them….WE will start writing our own message.