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Waste-to-energy is the solution to the trash problem

Regarding the recycling center in Gilford, this whole project has been a boondoggle of the highest degree. As the entire recycling industry crashes and burns, Gilford dives in headfirst … to an EMPTY pool.

Once again, government is a day late and a dollar short in providing a “solution” to a “problem” that doesn’t exist, while something perfectly viable stands right in plain sight: Bring the trash to the waste-to-energy plant in which we already have a stake. It’s perfect: Today’s old newspaper generates the electricity to brew tomorrow’s coffee. You could make a case that this solution is the ultimate, most efficient recycling.

Instead, we’re about to get stuck with a never-ending drain on the hapless taxpayers — a project totally over budget due to poor management and planning; more “forever” employees with the associated benefit costs; and dictatorial rules that will antagonize Joe citizen while further growing and perpetuating the proverbial “Dump-Man Syndrome.”