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In Trump’s America Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is Dog Whistle White identity Politics

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The Left never sleeps. No corner of your life is not offensive to them. And far too many of them get paid to explain that to us. Most of those are “journalists.” One of which, named Amanda Marcotte, has decided that Merry Christmas is a dog whistle. For what?

F- You!

Americans need to be on guard for the random “Merry Christmas” greeting in “Trump’s America” because it serves as code for “F– you.”

The left-wing publication’s op-ed, titled “In Trump’s America ‘Christian’ is no longer a religious faith — it’s white identity politics,” lamented the consistent support for President Trump among right-leaning Christians.

Merry Christmas is an insult ‘cuz Trump. That’s pretty deranged. How about wishing for a white Christmas? Just like the ones I used to know?


That’s bad, but it gets better, or maybe I mean worse.

“Anyone who defends Trump’s criminality at this point is not acting out of spiritual integrity, but the opposite — they’re people who have abandoned any semblance of morality or decency in their lust for power.”

Following the crazy bouncing blue ball. White people, who say Merry Christmas, are telling you to F-off because Trump is a criminal, and you’re too stupid to be as smart as they are and know better.

“Conservatives have increasingly embraced the phrase ‘Merry Christmas‘ to mean, basically, ‘F— you’ to anyone that they’ve deemed less than legitimate Americans,” she wrote Monday.

I have a message for Ms. Marcotte. We don’t need dog whistles on the right. We’re not hiding our goals or agenda.

That would be the leftists claiming that a 90% wealth tax won’t bring down the economy, or that Medicaid for all won’t tax the crap out of everyone to pay for it and eventually collapse. We’re not claiming the Green New Deal will create jobs or do no economic damage to the nation or advantage or global enemies. That’s the left.

If we want to tell you to F-off, we’ll tell you to F-off.

And I’d happily tell you that now except that it is far more politically expedient if I encourage you to write more. Please.

I can’t think of a better way to Make America Great Again that to allow Leftists everywhere to express whatever nonsense comes to mind freely. So, by all means, continue. We are happy to share it.

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