The 12 Taxes of Christmas (courtesy of the NH Democrat Party) - Granite Grok

The 12 Taxes of Christmas (courtesy of the NH Democrat Party)

First Tax of Chrismas - Ski tax

Heh!  I’m a wee bit late on this but the NH GOP is doing a series on “Taxes of Christmas”. Very cute idea – and nicely done.  Here’s the first two (in trying to play catch up):

The first Tax of Christmas the Democrats gave to me….A Disastrous Ski Tax

New Hampshire Democrats are actively trying to destroy the New Hampshire Advantage.

Their plan to propose a tax on ski lift tickets ought to be referred to as the Maine and Vermont Stimulus plan, as all it will do is take potential dollars that could have been spent at New Hampshire ski lodges, restaurants, and gas stations and pour them into Maine and Vermont in droves.

The second Tax of Christmas the Democrats gave to me…. A Plastic & Paper Bag Fee

New Hampshire Democrats are trying to ruin your holiday shopping!

They plan to make it more expensive for you to use plastic & paper bags when you’re shopping and preparing for the holidays. That means it’ll be cost more to bring home the holiday shopping and that Christmas Eve take-out meal. Hope you’re good at wrapping because there will be no more gift bags!

Christmas is not the time to increase the cost of holiday gift bags or grocery bags to prepare holiday meals.

And the Democrats TRUELY believe that taxes are really presents from the NHDP.

Can you say scrooges?