US Representative James Clyburn Says, Hang him (Trump)? Isn't that called "a lynching" - Granite Grok

US Representative James Clyburn Says, Hang him (Trump)? Isn’t that called “a lynching”

Berman Clyburn Lynch Trump comment

Oh, this Impeachment by the Democrat Party (because only Democrats in the US House voted for the two deliberately and ambiguously worded Articles) has been a predetermined rotten fish head right from the get-go.

Sure, milquetoast Chris Pappas and the “more Progressive than you” Annie Kuster voted for Impeachment. As did backbenchers like AOC and Tlaib who can be dismissed out of hand. But this comment came from James Clyburn. third in Power in the US House and the Majority Whip.

‘Give’ Trump a ‘Fair Trial and Hang Him’

Clyburn said it, said it clearly, and clearly he meant every single word.

There was no hint of humor in his phrasing or in his eyes – he meant it good and hard. He knew what he said as he came out of the Civil Rights movement. He knew EXACTLY what he was alluding to – and in this case, a Democrat lynching of Trump.

Sorry, but no “sorrys” apply here. He’s not Congresstwit “Guam will tip over” Johnson. He is in full control of his faculties and tongue (and thoughts). A gaffe?

As the NewsBusters post points out – not a single twitch out of CNN Newsreader John Berman; his face could have been chipped from stone.  In fact, he doesn’t even ASK about that “hang him” or gently admonish him.  Just goes after the “as long as it takes” remark.

Democrats with “journalist” bylines and a government official out to kill someone.

H/T  NewsBusters