Good way to convince independent and Republican voters ("YOU RACISTS!"), Pete Buttigieg - Granite Grok

Good way to convince independent and Republican voters (“YOU RACISTS!”), Pete Buttigieg

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

“Anyone who supported this President is at best looking the other way on racism, at best.”

If you didn’t know, “Mayor Pete” is from a city of 100,000: South Bend, Indiana and is running to be the Democrat nominee for President. It seems that he’s already having severe problems with the black community in South Bend; they don’t like him much. So telling all 65 million Trump voters that we’re racists to the core doesn’t seem to be a smart move at all, does it? I have always believed in the idea that politicians are trying to get the WIDEST number of voters in order to win, right? Well, he’s the Rhodes scholar and I’m not so there MUST be something there that my feeble brain just isn’t processing right.  So, by calling me a racist, that’s supposed to make it a BETTER chance that, if he wins his primary, that I’d be MORE likely to vote for him than Trump?

Oh, this too: “White People Should Come To Terms With Their Whiteness…

Er, I have.  It’s white / Caucasian / of Pallor / lack of melamin.  There is NOTHING I can do, outside of some really expensive treatments that I can’t afford, to do anything about it.  Look into a mirror and that’s all I see.  Put the daily special lotion that the doc said to put on my legs because of extreme dry skin I can’t control, all I see is white legs (with even whiter bumps on them that can get extremely itchy. Only scratching really hard and often works.  But then they turn red.  Red skin – and it stick around for a while.  Does that mean I’ve alleviated, for a while, my whiteness?

Look, skin color is immutable – a “conception” thing. Racism is learned but I’d love to know how a dude that I’ve never met can call me a racists.

Screw it – they’re both Democrat talking points and I’m almost done talking about it.

Well, that seals the deal for me, then!  You (those of you who are pallor complexions) – you, too?

What does it seem that politicians, who believe in the Democrat identity group totem pole, don’t understand that the Internet captures just about everything they say and do? Especially negative things? He’s just done what the Democrats decry that we on the Right do:  Pete Buttigieg just “Other’d” us. What does it say about a man that is VERY willing to call others that he has NEVER met “racists”?  Is that Presidential material?

Is that the same, less, or WORSE than anything that Trump has said?  After all, I thought that calling someone a racist was about the worst thing you could do? So where’s that famous (infamous) “tolerance and inclusion” of which Democrats lovingly speak about all the time?

And do you know how he and Andru Volinsky (NH Executive Councilor and NH Governor candidate) are just about exactly alike?

(H/T: The Blaze and Newsalert)