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Brexit – it’s a’coming as British election has consequences

Unlike our feckless Republicans in DC, after years of promising to get rid of the freedom-freezing Obamacare, the Tories in the British Parliament voted to finally fulfill the wishes of the British populace to leave the European Union.

For the first time in years, the British will be British and not just some vassal state controlled by a foreign-led European Parliament and (of even more importance) Brussels based bureaucrats. The vote was 358-234, made possible by the overwhelming 80 seat majority over Labour.  The bet that Prime Minister Boris Johnson made in calling the snap election paid off.

It will be interesting on how this will play out. For the last two years, the EU heads of state were betting that England would never leave the fold and basically taunted them all along the way. Now? It’s either going to be a hard exit or there’s gonna be a whole lot of groveling going on and yammering to get a lot of treaties done in a hurry.  No matter.

The size of the EU is less than the US (the reason the Europeans formed the original European tariff and immigration European Marketplace was to financially compete against the US) – remember that Trump has already made it known that he’s willing to do a trade agreement right after Brexit happened.

We’ll know what happens now that the date has been set for Jan 31, 2020. It will be interesting. Happy New Year, Merkel and Macron!

(H/T: National Review)