Blogline of the Day - I certainly hope they listen well to Pelosi - Granite Grok

Blogline of the Day – I certainly hope they listen well to Pelosi

Impeachment squad

“Schiff’s Folly finally gets its vote, and all that remains to be seen is if Grandma Nan was able to talk vulnerable red state Democrats into tossing their careers away the way she did with the Obamacare vote back in the day.”

As Stephen Green commented: “lemmings”. Maybe those Red State Dems will listen to her – as of last night, I believe the count was that all of the Dems (except for the one that turned to Republican) are voting for impeachment.

The problem for them (and Pelosi will be laughing all the way back to the well of the House) is that they are only voting for impeachment.  That’s only a state of being for Trump.  Unless the Senate votes to remove him, it accomplishes nothing except riling up Republicans for 2020.

Obamacare, on the other hand (as Joe Biden said on that infamous hot mic), was and still is a BFD. Ten years later, it’s still around because of feckless Republicans that had no spine. Sure, a lot of the worst parts have been defenestrated (like the Individual Mandate) but the Exchanges are still around, the Gold / Silver / whatever plans are still around, the Government still mandates what needs to be in there, and the only way it is affordable is if the Government (which is to say, the rest of us) is paying your way. The Dems that got booted still got something done – one step less than Universal Healthcare. And true to form, the Republicans have fallen back to “we can manage it better” instead of pulling this insidious weed out flower, stem, and roots all.

Vote for impeachment? Well, here in NH, Chris Pappas may now have four rivals trying to knock him out of his seat in Congress in CD-1.  Two for Kuster.

We’ll see if their votes were signatures on their retirement papers.

(H/T: Instapundit)