After Pushback Biden Decides He Maybe Won't Obstruct Congress if Called to Testify - Granite Grok

After Pushback Biden Decides He Maybe Won’t Obstruct Congress if Called to Testify

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I continue to contend that when push comes to shove Democrat primary voters will push old and busted Biden into the role of the party nominee. This despite Biden puking gaffes (instead of tweets) at every opportunity. Biden crazy walk backs are a feature, not a bug.

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Lunchbox Joe is also a gropey, handsy, #MeToo nightmare. He says whatever happens to pop into his head regardless of how little sense it makes. Trump is accused of obstructing congress (and that this is impeachable) and Biden said what amounts to obstructing Congress on the same matter.

Someone must have told Joe that this was a big f-ing deal. He’s backtracking.

“Well, first of all, I would obey any subpoena that was sent to me,” he said after an audience member asked him about the issue. “But the point I was making, as it relates to me, is the only rational reason … that I could possibly be called in an impeachment trial was, ‘Can I shed any light on whether or not he committed the crimes he’s accused of?’ And there’s no reason to believe I would have any notion of whether he committed that crime.”

Or that Trump has a legal right to ask Ukraine about the investigation into you and your son committing crimes? Which he does, in lieu of providing US Aid, actually, which might matter given that your party justified impeaching Mr. Trump on those terms.

He said he believes the president “basically indicted himself by acknowledging that he’s asked for help from foreign countries as well as engaging in doing everything he could to prevent Congress from doing its job.

He has no legal obligation to help Congress do anything. And if a potential President-Joe wants to debate the question of asking for help from foreign countries as good or bad, well, let’s have that beginning with his relationship with Ukraine as Vice President.

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