The GOP Reps on House Election Law Are Incorrigible Quislings - Granite Grok

The GOP Reps on House Election Law Are Incorrigible Quislings


This bill, as I noted in a previous post, eliminates the power of the voters to have any say in redistricting by giving all the power over redistricting to the Party Bosses, by allowing them to hand-pick the members of the redistricting commission. The rank-and-file legislators can only give a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down to the plan as a whole. They cannot influence how the map gets drawn, no matter how unfair the map may be to their constituents. Under the present system, rank-and-file legislators have some power to protect their constituents by demanding changes to the map in exchange for their votes. Under this scheme, that power disappears – either they choose the devil they know or they roll the dice with having the Supreme Court redistrict.

The bottom-line is that as a practical matter the map will get drawn so as to (1) assure the reelection of the Party Bosses and (2) to divvy up the remainder of the State between the Party Bosses.

A redistricting commission had-picked by the Party Bosses is anything but an “Independent Redistricting Commission.” HB 706 is a legislative sleight-of-hand to increase the power of the powerful.

Here are the GOP members of Election Law, per the House website. I don’t know who the two good (NO) votes were:

Kathleen Hoelzel(R)

Betty Gay(R)

Timothy Lang(R)

Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien(R)

Peter Hayward(R)

Timothy Merlino(R)

Becky Owens(R)

Barbara Griffin(R)

Dirty Danny Feltes aka #FlatulentFeltes is already using the GOP-quislings to boost his gubernatorial campaign and to portray his SOCIALIST agenda as bipartisan: