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Something Else Keynes and NH Democrats Have in Common – Use Government to Cull the Masses


Abortion interrupts the natural cycle of life, preventing people from reaching any potential. Period. Calling it a right or a choice does not alter this fact. Nor does the reality that the super-majority of the lives lost are Minority. Frequent victims in the Left’s population control agenda history.

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The ideal society is an obsession on the Left, as is the need for government intervention to achieve it. Early in the Modern Progressive’s eugenicist genesis, great minds pondered the problem at length. Planned Parenthood’s founder started her mission for this purpose. Minimum wage laws were instituted to price unskilled minority labor out of the workforce. Gun laws were imposed to disarm minority populations. And the use of the State to limit or diminish undesirable persons was a popular tack.

Hilter got his notions about ethnic cleansing to create his master race from American eugenicists and the organizing principle of the war economy from Woodrow Wilson.

John Maynard Keynes, famous for some of the worst economic advice in history, was also fond of eugenics. has an excellent look at Keynes and population control, where he uses language you could just as easily expect to hear from Nancy Pelosi on abortion.

In the light of present knowledge I am unable to see any possible method of materially improving the average human lot which does not include a plan for restricting the increase in numbers [of population]. … It may prove sufficient to render the restriction of offspring safe and easy. … Perhaps a more positive policy may be required. … [I] would like to substitute [government] schemes conceived by the mind in place of the undesigned outcome of instinct and individual advantage playing within the pattern of existing institutions.

The Modern Left mandates the taxpayer (government) funding of a plan to restrict in numbers the population. Primarily of minorities. For the good of the population, planet, welfare costs, crime, many reasons. All justifications for what amounts to minority mass murder.

And it is nearly impossible to be a Democrat if you do not support that plan. And yet none of them are called to task in any meaningful way for this deliberate policy of genocide. 

One that we know they still desire, both from their position on abortion, and the more recent claim that the planet cannot support us unless we start stopping more lives.

At the furthest end of the spectrum, the Left again leads the charge on ending the lives of the elderly. End of life care is Orwellian speak for it’s cheaper to kill them. Assisted suicide is sold as death with dignity. A practice advanced in Europe that is claiming significant numbers of young, productive people who are merely depressed or in a rough patch.

This loss of life does not move the left because it suits their goals. What should be seen as perhaps the single biggest reason not to give them power.

The American experiment created a government for the sole purpose of protecting natural rights to life and liberty and property. An exercise the progressive left would happily convert into a means of population control through sanctioned government violence. The object of which now openly includes anyone who happens to disagree with them.

This will surprise some people, though it should not. There is no time in history where the left, having secured absolute power, did not use that to make excuses to imprison or eliminate their enemies, including minorities, women, and children. And yet, we still keep electing them to office.

There’s a Darwin Awards ‘joke’ in there somewhere, but it’s not very funny.