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Socialism Is the “In” Thing

Socialism is Marketing Promises

Socialism is being marketed to young people as kind, selfless, and community-focused. Like most marketing, that is not really true. It is an ideology of promises. Its performance is far different than its marketing.

Lemon law for political ideology

The truth is the recipient of that message agrees those things are good things. They wish it were their reality. Reassurances from authority figures in academia, media, and politics, unfortunately, do not make it true. It only makes it often repeated. You cannot spend promises. If there were a lemon law for ideologies socialism would near the top of the list of problem political ideologies.

Many people are unaware of Socialism’s dismal record. In this hemisphere, we can observe what happened to Argentina, Cuba, and Venezuela. The record in these countries is one of decline. There is an economic decline, a decline in personal and political freedom. Educational level declines and there is a decline in the standard of living.

Much of South and Central America have the socialist affliction. One need only do the common sense check to understand socialism harms its practitioners. Which way are the immigrant caravans headed? Why is that? If socialism was working better than capitalism wouldn’t they be staying home and wouldn’t we be headed south?

What does America have? How has it performed?

Young people are not being taught America’s founding principles. They are unprepared to combat the narratives they hear in their elementary, middle, high schools, colleges, and universities. The founders understood the principles and values they included in the founding documents. They tried to live them. America was not conceived as perfect. It was a new and different approach to government.

America was and it remains a work in progress. It just so happens that cherishing life, treasuring freedom and honoring property rights has created the greatest nation the earth has ever seen. American is more egalitarian than any other country whichever rose to become the preeminent power of its time. It is less imperial, more philanthropic, and has led more people out of abject poverty than any other nation… ever. America has accomplished these things with tolerance, capitalism, respect for life and freedom as its cornerstones.

At first glance, the socialist narratives may sound compelling. Socialist popularizer Danny Katz writes, “Socialism is a society whose top priority is meeting all of its people’s needs—ranging from food, shelter, and health care to art, culture, and companionship.” Priorities are great Danny. We should set lofty goals. But, where the rubber meets the road is: Does the socialist economic and social system raise the standard of living for the people using it? Isn’t that what good government does?


Socialism fails the test when the rubber meets the road. If you do not believe that do your homework. Find out what has happened in Argentina. Look at the results in Venezuela. Look at the economics and the freedoms available in Cuba. My point is this. Before you get out of the capitalist American frying pan; perhaps you should understand what it will be like when you leap into the fire. Socialism is the “in” thing but that does not mean it is a good thing.