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So a TV show predicted AOC and Bernie??

While the show offered a sense of an idyllic lifestyle of eternal beaches, sunny (mostly) and temperate clime, and that food was never an issue.  I just could never figure out, even as a kid watching the show, how could that radio’s batteries last so long??? Not only that, but it appeared their clothes never needed repair and each seemed to have several changes of clothes – “for a three hour tour”?

A fantasy story and a fantasy land – but we all knew it from the get go. However, the Climate Fabulists actually want us to believe that what they are offering ramming down our throats won’t end up like the SS Minnow. Bernie has no problem with bread lines like he saw in Moscow during his honeymoon there. AOC’s policies would end up with no lights (I guess she likes a cross of North Korea and California at night with Germany’s cost per KW).  Both want to erase cars for the UN’s version of living in “walkable neighborhoods and cities” – where the Government would be in control of transportation via “public” transportation (yeah, been there, done that while living in Boston; no thanks).

And Bernie would love to eliminate the “luxury of choice” – remember his infamous remark that no one needs 23 different versions of underarm deodorant? In that one phrase, it was clear that, given half a chance, he’s all in on taking away choices.  The “I know better what you NEED than what you WANT”.

I leave out the starving children cast off because that’s what Progressives do – like every mother in my neighborhood: apply the guilt. Unlike those moms when caught doing something stupid, dumb, or outright wrong, Bernie and AOC will use the force of Government to back up their decrees (versus the “Neighborhood Mom Telegraph system” that only had to end with my mom”.).

So, you like bamboo houses?

(H/T: Powerline)