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Rage Against the Culture Wars

United States of Anxiety

In case you haven’t noticed, we are living in an age in which the Political Correctness police wage an almost constant battle against traditional American values, culture and traditions.

The latest outrage of note is the effort of left-wing Wisconsin Democratic Governor Tony Evers to refer to the state’s Christmas tree as a “holiday tree.”

I am not making this up.

This outrage can be added to the growing list of cultural casualties of the PC police:

No more “Merry Christmas”—it’s Happy Holidays!
No more “Columbus Day”—it’s “indigenous peoples” day!
And attacks now seem to be starting up against Thanksgiving!

I am sure there are more examples, but these seem to be the most egregious.

So how to fight against this utter nonsense? Try the following suggestions:

1- If you celebrate Christmas, make sure you have a real Christmas tree.

2- Do not buy or send out Happy Holiday greeting cards, no matter what your religion. Only purchase and send out true Christmas Cards.

3- When anyone wishes you “Happy Holidays,” ask them what in the heck they are talking about. Suggest to them that if they are trying to wish you a Merry Christmas, fine, and you wish them the same, but let’s not confuse the holiday with something that it is not.

4- On Columbus Day, make it a point to patronize an Italian restaurant (not just a pizza parlor), preferably with many of your friends, and celebrate the great Italian explorer with some Italian food and wine.

5- On Thanksgiving Day, make sure you have a traditional turkey and make sure your children hear the basic story of the First Thanksgiving. And give thanks for being an American.

Never give up the fight!!