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Have Durham New Hampshire’s Campus Culture Mullahs Solved the Problem of Christmas?

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The template for Muslim conquest is as old as Islam. Invade, and build a mosque. Use the mosque to expand pressure or influence until your enemies are converted or driven before you. American College campuses work the same way, which explains what happened to Durham, NH.

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UNH has systematically ruined it. An issue that has accelerated in recent years.

When these leftists aren’t mulling over how to continue to support New Hampshire’s racist First in the Nation Primary (it’s too white here all year ’round), they are plotting the incremental end of the Judeo-Christian foundation of this nation. Christmas is a problem.

The local yuppies and DINKs are all secret socialists – some not so secret – but love the capitalism that Santas’s season brings. They want to stamp out hateful Christianity (or more specifically, its right to religious freedom) but keep the cash flow. They’ve been infiltrating the churches for years, but even they still think the day we celebrate Christ’s birthday is a big deal, even the ones who bemoan the commercialism.

What to do?

Last year the Durham City Council under pressure from communist campus mullahs (the Towns Human Rights Commission) recommended the town end the annual Christmas tree lighting (see also ‘Tree Lighting’).

“Durham’s Human Rights Commission has recommended ceasing the longtime tradition, with members saying it is associated with the Christian faith and Christmas celebrations, which may be exclusionary to some people who follow different faiths or are atheist.”

And let’s turn out the sun because you believe in the void.

Anyway, other faiths wanted similar representation in the area near the Tree, and the secularists had a heart attack or something, and it has been bugging them ever since. What in the name of the void do we do?

This year the campus mullah’s “working group” has arrived at a compromise. Yes, they formed a group to work out what to do about Christmas.

This year’s event is being called “Frost Fest.”

The tree will be lit but without any kind of lighting ceremony and Santa will appear but will not have the usual grand entrance.

A few years from now (even when there’s still frost despite the global warming), they’ll get rid of the lights altogether and maybe even the calorically challenged cis-gendered off-shoring sweat-shop owner in the red suit. People may still give each other things for no reason, probably from an approved list provided by the people’s republic of Durham. And when reporters fresh from the UNH Pravda School of Journalism ask the local ‘longevities’ (even the 80-year-olds presenting as 29) about the history, they’ll act like they can’t remember.

The Human Rights commission won’t allow it.