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Oklahoma’s Permit-less Carry Law Takes Effect Despite Democrat Effort to Spike It

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Back in February, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed legislation (HB2597) that makes the second amendment any law-abiding citizens’ permission to carry a firearm. That law took effect on November 1st. 

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Most Oklahomans 21 and older can now carry concealed or unconcealed firearms without having gone through a background check or training requirements, with exceptions for those illegally in the country or who have been convicted of certain crimes. … Firearms are still prohibited in public buildings, bars, casinos and schools, and at professional sporting events.

Most, 21 and older, well, mostly a permitless carry law. Certainly a huge step in the proper direction. A step too far for the left. But what step is not? Wild West, blood in the streets, that’s the siren song of desperate and disastrous Democrats clinging to their anti-gun dogma.

Every improvement in New Hampshire is met with these scare tactics. Nothing ever comes of them and we’re left to remind people that if the left’s prognosticators were forced to bet their own money on their predictions, they would be bankrupt.

Oklahoma Democrats tried to prevent the implementation after the Dayton and El Paso shootings with a petition that would have made the change a 2020 Ballot question. The State Supreme Court rejected the move clearing the way for the law to take effect as scheduled.

Oklahoma joins 13 other states, including New Hampshire, with some form of permitless carry. 


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