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Gov. Signs Law Eliminating Concealed Carry Permits in Oklahoma

Permitless-Carry-Oklahoma-Image Breitbart AWR Hawkins

Oklahoma has joined the fraternity of states that see the second amendment as your concealed carry firearms permit. Governor Kevin Stitt signed the change into law, one we’ve been following for the past few weeks.

Tulsa World reported that Stitt stated at the time of signing the legislation, “As I traveled all over the state to all 77 counties, I heard from Oklahomans all over that they wanted us to protect their right to bear arms. I think the best defense for a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Democrats rolled out the Oklahoma equivalent of Blood in the Streets!

Democrat State Sen. Carri Hicks opposed the elimination of the permit requirement, saying, “I think this particular law is further opening the gate to some devastation on [women and children].”

On the contrary Ms Hicks. Gun totin’ mamas who learn to carry and use firearms have significant less to fear from whatever devastation you are imaging. Or do you mean the devastation of having women and children who don’t need to rely on Democrats and the government for their protection?

Image | Breitbart