Is Elizabeth Warren's Strength her Biggest Weakness? And Can It take The Democrat Party Down with Her - Granite Grok

Is Elizabeth Warren’s Strength her Biggest Weakness? And Can It take The Democrat Party Down with Her

Liz warren

Even if you hate the New England Patriots, they do one thing well. Each week they focus on neutralizing their opponent’s biggest strength. Liz Warren thinks her biggest strength is planning. She has plans. But could it also be her biggest weakness?

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One of the things first-time presidential candidate Obama did well was redirect. His public remarks were broad, lofty, inspiring, 30,000-foot arias. If you wanted details, they sent you to a scripted response or YouTube video that said little or less but offered a sound bite that kept you away from the candidate and prevented follow-up questions.

Elizabeth Warren’s success, so far, stands on nearly the opposite. She has a plan for everything. She’s the planner. But this leads to people wanting; to, see, ask, engage. Where’s your plan?

When she releases the plan, her Democrat opponents pick it apart even if they agree with the 30,000-foot goal. The right digs into it dissects it and reveal all of its weaknesses. The campaign must now defend the plan. In the case of Health care, Warren probably lost Iowa to Buttigieg. It’s so bad that she has released a second plan for the plan — a stake in the planner’s heart.

Plans need plans within plans, so the first plan isn’t the real plan?

Well, we know that, right?

The PLAN is to use the government to redirect wealth and take over the economy. It doesn’t matter what name they put to it. The more explaining Warren is forced to do, the more her opponents, who agree with her, will be required to explain themselves and why their plan is better than hers?

Warren is turning out to be a more significant threat to Democrats than Republicans. I’m almost inclined to thank her.

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