How Bad is it in Iran? They Turned Off the Internet to Hide it. - Granite Grok

How Bad is it in Iran? They Turned Off the Internet to Hide it.

Iran protests

The day after I wrote about rationing and riots in Iran, the Islamic Republic turned off the internet. Turned it off.  Sanctions are driving the economy into a ditch. The regime will not abandon its terrorist proclivities. The people are taking to the streets, and some of them are dying.

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At least 11 people – five security forces and six civilians – have been killed in the unrest, according to figures collated by Al Jazeera.

Iranian media reported on Monday that three members of the security forces were stabbed to death by “rioters” near the capital, Tehran, but authorities are yet to announce an official death toll.

Rights group Amnesty International on Tuesday said at least 106 people had  been killed in violence surrounding the demonstrations and accused authorities of presiding over a “brutal and deadly crackdown.”

Other reports speak of doctors treating thousands at local hospitals and instructing many to go home. Iran’s secret police are scouring hospitals for protesters. Looking for ring leaders, instigators, any one of whom they can make an example.

Not that this seems like it would matter.

Iran is a totalitarian terrorist state ruled by Islamic law. I’m sure the recent austerity measures are just a spark for existing tension that is motivating resistance in more significant numbers. Now they have it. So much so the regime has shut off the internet to hid unsanctioned reporting of the events.

There’s been plenty of internal and external talk about regime change. We can’t begin to guess what that would look like, but they’d be relacing this.

| Al Jazeera