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Trump Sanctions: Iran in Economic Crisis, Protesters Take to the Streets


Iran is not just the world’s leading sponsor of terror. They are also a leader in torture, executions (without trial), murdering gays, suppressing women’s rights, and corruption. Obama and Democrats reinforced the government’s hold on that power. Trump took it away, and Iran is feeling the pain.

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Every one of your New Hampshire Congressional Democrats supported the Iran deal and opposed Mr. Trump’s exit. Their excuse for these positions is the assumption that the agreement would ensure Iran never got the bomb (which worked so well with North Korea). In exchange for that lie, the Left allowed the mullahs to remain flush with cash.

These payoffs and free flow of capital-fund their military, their weapons programs, and massive welfare payments. The Iran deal made it possible for serial human rights abusers to buy off the population, many of whom rely on government handouts.

Obama and company were little more than Sugar Daddy’s to the world’s leading sponsor of terror, enabling them to continue to abuse their people while funding terrorism around the globe.

Trump shut the tap. He told our allies in no uncertain terms that he’d do the same to them if they continue to work with Iran. Iran rattled a few sabers and went after a few tankers, but they’ve been busy with more significant problems of late.

Protests erupted in Iran after the government announced it was reducing fuel subsidies by 50 percent and instituting a rationing program. Two people were killed as the demonstrations got out of control in two cities.

Iran has 25% unemployment. The rate of Inflation is at 30%. Food prices are rising rapidly. And at least 60 million Iranians rely on money from the government. To keep them from rioting, I presume because Iran is, after all, a brutal, corrupt, intolerant, theocracy that kills gays and treats women like property.

Democrats gave them a line of credit with the world and easy money to keep the oppressed from protesting. 

Sounds like the plan they have in mind for America if we allow them into power.