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Go ahead, go find one, Steve Smith

Apparently NH State Rep Steve Smith is in a snit over the post I put up yesterday where noted anti-political Islam author, Robert Spencer (and not the white supremacist Richard Spencer) took on some members of the NH GOP Republican Party for being weenies in the face of confrontation and mentioned two by name.

Given what I have seen over the years (Republicans folding like wet paper boxes) I picked up his post from PJ Media.

Well, Rep. Smith isn’t too happy with me and sent me a FB Message (Sidenote: bad way to try to contact me – I’m hardly ever on FB):

Disappointed that you didn’t dial a phone, [he earlier sent me a Message to call which, again, I also didn’t see because I’m hardly on FB – Skip]  send an email, before publishing half an article in defense of someone about to be charged with multiple violations election finance law. If you’re interested in the real story, happy to provide facts. If not, I’ll find some other outlet interested in “spanking” you.

Go ahead, Steve, go find that “other outlet”. Given that GraniteGrok has more online traffic than any other outlet than WMUR (and not by all that much according to Alexa.com), I’d like to see you try. In fact, I’d relish it. And “about to be” isn’t “indicted” or “found guilty” – at least some of us still hold to the traditional American judicial presumption of “innocent before proven guilty”.

However, Steve, are you denying Spencer’s report that you conversed out to a known Islamic apologist. And are you ready to respond to what he wrote here:

Did Smith attend my event? He did not. Does he have the first foggiest idea of what I actually say? Almost certainly not. But he knows the Democrats and the establishment media don’t like it, so he is ready to carry water for them and help further their agenda. Rep. Smith, I’d be glad to come back to New Hampshire at my own expense and debate your friend, or anyone else you choose. But somehow I doubt you have either the courage or the goodwill to sponsor such an event.

I already offered to have GraniteGrok be lead in that debate – we’re set up for it so we could make it happen.  Let’s make it a double feature, shall we?  Willing to go toe-to-toe with me in a debate at the same time over this? Are you willing to show the courage of your convictions?  Hey, I bet we could charge a bit of coin and make a donation to a worthwhile charity.  Here’s a choice – Samaritan’s Purse or Liberty House.

Here’s the video of the event:

I’ll be trying to contact Robert Spencer to try to set up this double header.