Need to thank Keith Hanson for standing up. Spank Jim Beard and Steve Smith "jellyfishing down". - Granite Grok

Need to thank Keith Hanson for standing up. Spank Jim Beard and Steve Smith “jellyfishing down”.

If the NH Republican Party wants to win, and win Consistently, act like you believe in the Platform.  Speak like you do and at each and every turn.  Vote like you do at each and every opportunity.  And Legislate like there’s no tomorrow because two days ago was that “no more tomorrow” – and you blew it

And of course, a slapdown to Kevin Landrigan (UL) and John Gregg of the Valley News. But is Jim Beard now the new Doug Scammon stand-in?

And NOW, you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, aren’t you?  Well, I missed this post over at PJ Media by Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, a site that I look at from time to time and concentrates on Political Islam.  I don’t fall for that canard of “Islam is the religion of Peace” bit – all one has to really do is read the history and look around so I’m perfectly fine with what he does. But he penned this title of two parts:

‘Time to Accept Failure’: Why Republicans Are Losing the Battle for America


Given what we’ve written for well over a decade, can you tell which is the part from Spencer and which part was spoken by a Republican Establishmentarian? And I am QUITE familiar with the “throw up my hands in abject defeat” attitude of the latter. Years ago, in a room with a number of people, I got into it with Doug Scamman (you know, the former Speaker of the NH House that one his position by dint of Democrat votes) over standing one’s ground when up against the Left.  He angrily said that Republicans ought to leave social issues alone and only worry about fiscal issues.  I just stared at him and said “ALL social issues have fiscal costs” – he and the other elderly Republicans just didn’t (and obviously still) don’t get it.  Andrew Brietbart got it exactly right:

Politics is downstream from culture.

E.g., Change the culture and you can change politics almost for free.  Scammon and Beard are of the type “we give up!” without ever realizing they lost because they didn’t even want to show up for the war. But I digress; some bits from the post and a lot of reformatting but emphasis is mine. First, right to the point and then the back to the ancillary parts (while not the main thrust I’m trying to make but important nonetheless):

Recently I had an experience that brought home to me why the Left is so decisively winning the culture war. It involved local politics, but the same kind of thing is happening all over the country. A few weeks ago I spoke in New Hampshire at the invitation of the Sullivan County Republican Party, and the whole incident showed in microcosm how the far left has gained control of the media, the educational system, and the culture in general, without any significant pushback from those who are supposedly committed to the freedom of speech and a free society.

…What was far worse was the cowardly response on the Republican side. Instead of investigating the false charges being made about me, discovering I wasn’t really any of the things that were being said, and standing up for the freedom of speech, all too many Republicans were ready to kowtow and do everything the Democrats wanted.

And as you read the above, this is from a guy who knows NOTHING about NH politics and nothing about what goes on in the NH GOP. He doesn’t know who the players are, what the relationships are – all he knows is what was done.  And it paints a sad picture.

Just remember how JHo (Jennifer Horn), at the first moment that Democrats would start throwing political mud for one reason or another, would simply mouth off about the Republican “offendee” and turn tail to run away from said political mud and leave that person to swing from the tree.  Point: Ray Buckley all day long.  Give in and lose, all day.

And here is where GraniteGrok give out an “Atta Boy!” to Hanson

Sullivan County Republican Committee Chairman Keith Hanson, who invited me in the first place, stood firm and kept finding new venues when one would cancel, but some prominent local Republicans just stood. Hanson picked me up at the airport and drove me to the venue, and on the way told me about how the Democrats had gerrymandered themselves into total control of Vermont and were trying to do the same thing in New Hampshire; in response, Republicans are doing nothing. They don’t seem to realize or care what is happening, and have ceded all the initiative and control of the narrative to the Democrats.

Sidenote: After all, some NH Republican legislators voted for that “independent redistricting” nonsense that is being pushed nationally by Obama’s former Attorney General, Eric Holder.  The push is to have our duly elected Representatives, once AGAIN, give up their responsibility to govern and legislate to others. We call that “giving up” – and the Democrats are laughing at them all the way to the voting booths. Independent and non-partisan my butt! Yet, the Republicans are falling for this crap.  Good on Sununu for putting the silver spike into it.

In the face of the left’s smear campaign against me, some of the Republicans showed this again, demonstrating that they were totally cowed and ready to surrender, happy to allow the left to dictate what they can do or can’t do. They don’t even seem to realize what is wrong with this.

They keep believing they are being “better” than the Democrats, that they are “above the fray in the spirit of bipartisanship”.  They never realize that the Democrats are practicing their own version of taqiyya even as they are stealing the Republicans’ lunch money. Be polite, say nice things, be friendly – lose elections (“but we’ll be Magnanimous about it!”). They ought to be forced to write the topmost quote thousands of times over with a pencil.  Or crayon.

So here’s the first white flag vignette without comment from me until the end:

James “Jim” Beard is the former Sullivan County Republican Committee Chairman and failed candidate for New Hampshire Executive Council. The night before the event, he wrote this in an email to Hanson:

Time to accept failure….Keith, it is time to send a email blast to everyone who responded, everyone who bought tickets with 100% refunds and accept your mis-management for bringing this event to Sullivan County. Tomorrow evening, you will be alone with 10-20 people inside the VFW Hall in Claremont with a group of maybe 50 protestors outside. This is not how SCGOP candidates wish to be portrayed, nor how they will win elections.

This entire charade is an embarrassment for the SCGOP and I suggest you step aside. Let us return to good ole’ [sic] fashioned hot dog roasts on the Newport Common where people came together from all works of life in the community, socialize and build common understanding. That is how we Republicans solicit votes…interaction with the public.

You can write your own resignation…

Beard is wrong and has learned nothing over the last three years – voters ARE responding to those that FIGHT BACK.  They’re tired of those that proudly proclaim “go ahead, kick me in the ‘nads again” and fly the white flag. They have learned nothing about the voters that used their Citizenship to promote Trump with many saying “He Fights”. And he doesn’t give up, either.  With the Democrats and the media aligned against him, so did Hanson to keep the promise he made to his guest.

Keith, thank you, again.

Beard, the witless fool, just wanted to break camp and run.  Hey, Beard – who follows a loser and expects to win?  And that crack about weenie roasts? Don’t get me started about whose the weenie in all this. This is just abject surrender to the heckler’s vote (Buckley and the MSM).  A junior version of JHo (and I’m not even sure who has the smaller wiener to roast)?

Free Speech, the belief that one NEEDS to engage in the Arena of Ideas? To stand up for what one believes in no matter the cost?  Seems to be beyond him. One doesn’t win the war by retreating all the time. And Spencer makes it even clearer:

Yes, that’s right, “let us return to good ole’ fashioned hot dog roasts.” Face down the protestors? Stand on principle? Not good ol’ James “Jim” Beard. The Democrats are at open war against the freedom of speech. They’re stigmatizing and silencing all opposition to jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression of women and others. They are forcing a radical socialist agenda on the country. And this clown thinks he is going to beat them with hot dog roasts. Or rather, he is happy to lose, as long as he gets his with mustard.

“Happy to lose”.  We’ve been told, time and time again, we make too many waves to be successful. We’ve been told to be quiet and not air out “dirty laundry” and stop picking fights. I look around and go “if you don’t WASH that dirty laundry, it molds and stinks. If you don’t stand up for one believes, you lose”. So Jim, WHAT happened again, last November? How’d that weenie roast work out for the NH GOP, eh?

But let’s not forget about Steve Smith; Spencer takes him on as well:

Then there is Representative Steven Smith, senior Republican advisor in the NH House and chairman of the Sullivan County delegation, Sullivan County District 11. Nadir Ahmed, an Islamic apologist whom I bested in a debate years ago, wrote to Smith, apparently offering to speak in Sullivan County and spread some soothing lies where I had told uncomfortable truths. Smith’s response to him, which Ahmed then gleefully sent to me, couldn’t have been friendlier (in sharp contrast to his rude and arrogant tone with me when I wrote him after this), and shows where Smith stands.

I saw your messages to the SCGOP Facebook page and did not want you to think you were being ignored. Thanks for your offer. I am currently trying to sweep up Mr. Hanson’s mess. He may not be with the organization much longer and he is not responding to messages. Your offer is interesting, but the timing is terrible. Let me think about it once this all dies down. I watched the video. The think [sic] is, I am losing faith that minds can be changed these days.

Did Smith attend my event? He did not. Does he have the first foggiest idea of what I actually say? Almost certainly not. But he knows the Democrats and the establishment media don’t like it, so he is ready to carry water for them and help further their agenda. Rep. Smith, I’d be glad to come back to New Hampshire at my own expense and debate your friend, or anyone else you choose. But somehow I doubt you have either the courage or the goodwill to sponsor such an event.

Heck, I’ll make it easy for Spencer – we’d be happy to facilitate the debate. We’ve got the audio equipment, the cameras, the whole schmeer.  Let us know.

He ends the post with this – why won’t Republicans stand up for what they say they believe?

Why do jellyfish on the order of Beard and Smith rule in the Republican Party? The Democrats are fighting a war, and the Republicans are playing jacks. Where are the men with spines? Where are people standing up to this totalitarian agenda of the left, and affirming that opposition to jihad terror is not morally wrong or evil, and that such opposition should be allowed a platform? Not, for the most part, in the Republican Party, not just in Sullivan County, New Hampshire, but all over the country. Instead, Republicans keep roasting their hot dogs, and hoping that their leftist masters won’t demand too very much of them.

Too many weenies. Man up, boys.