Democrat Impeachment Hearings are About Stopping You from Re-Electing Donald Trump - Granite Grok

Democrat Impeachment Hearings are About Stopping You from Re-Electing Donald Trump

Trump Manchester Rally Pic

The RNC has an ad out featuring Democrats: Their only priority is impeaching Donald Trump. Why? Because you will re-elect him. Think about that. Really, think about it. Democrats are convinced you want Trump for four more years, and that’s only one way to stop you.

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Impeach him. Talk about voter suppression. He can’t even be a choice!

They don’t care who the people want if your choice doesn’t work for them. But they have not yet found a way to steal presidential elections for Democrats.  Too many states. Too many people. But they are working on it.

The National Popular vote is one such scheme. State’s electing presidents only works when they elect a left-wing president; otherwise, it’s racist (even though it elected Barack Obama twice).

But we’re not there yet. The national election stealing, I mean. If we were, they wouldn’t bother with all of this nonsense. Throwing everything they can think of at the wall hoping something sticks.

It’s not sticking.

Three years of non-stop tirades, negative press, false accusations, and hate-filled rants and Trump’s numbers have gone up.

Jerry bumpkin Nadler dropped the ball, so Schiff picked it up. His handling has been worse. His star witnesses have done nothing but demonstrate the depth and length of the left’s unhinged mania. All of which has little to do with Trump and everything to do with you.

They’re convinced you will re-elect Donald Trump. Rather than accept that, they are prepared to embarrass themselves and the nation to remove him from office — your president.

Their opinion of you is very low. Their interest in what interests you are even smaller. 

Vote accordingly.