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Before You Vote Democrat (Or Ever Let Anyone Vote Democrat Again) Read This


It should appear obvious to anyone who chooses to see it that the Democrat party has one goal. Power at the expense of all else. No lie is too big, no promise too far-fetched, no accusation to vague, no hypocrisy too absurd. Contradictions easily summed up with this.

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You can’t just be Black, or Gay, or Female, or Hispanic, or in a Union or transgender, or anything else. You have to be that and a 100%, 24/7/365, far-left Democrat. All-in, every issue, no exceptions. You can be anything you want as long as you openly toe the far-left agenda no matter how far left it goes.

Public or open deviation from the agenda invalidates whatever else it is about you that you thought made you unique to Democrats. 


On the Republican side, you can be anything you want as long as being that thing does not come at the expense of anyone else. I often explain it like this. I don’t care what two consenting adults do (or even groups of them) as long as I don’t have to pay for it (involuntarily), and it does not infringe on my (own individual) natural rights.

That includes my right to disagree and to express that disagreement about what they do. We can agree to disagree, and no one is going to doxx you, smear, you, try to get you fired, or destroy your life.  We can all just move along.

There is no such quarter on the left.

You don’t even have to do anything wrong. If they decide you are a threat to their claim on power, they will climb any mountain for as long as they must to destroy that threat. 

Staying out of sight or out of mind is your only other defense. Shut up. Keep your head down. It’s not a great way to live.

There are rare exceptions few and far between, but they all revolve around pandering votes to keep seats Democrats might lose if they voted far left every time. But no one is these seats are allowed to vote against the party line if that vote means they lose.

You Don’t Have to Beleive Me

This “right-winger” is fine if you disagree with him but test your position. It should not take long to find examples, recent ones, of Blacks, Hispanics, gays, or women the Democrats have smeared or tried to destroy because they challenged their authority or narrative. These are not random individuals by party registration, but prominent mouthpieces of the Democrat party or members of their ideological cult (like the media) who openly disparage and attack them.

One recent example is Elise Stefanik. She very politely cross-examined Marie Yovanovich.

So we have two accomplished, successful, smart, articulate women. One of them (Yovanovich) contradicted previous testimony and (sadly) has suspicions links to corruption. The law should decide if that matters.

The other is a Republican, Elise, who asked simple questions whose honest answers (from Ambassador Yovanovich) destroyed a Democrat party narrative on Ukraine. How dare she even ask questions that reveal the truth.

Her ‘reward’ for an honest investigation into what are serious accusations against the President is to have the Democrat machine ramp up a smear and destroy campaign against her.

And no, it wouldn’t matter if she were a black lesbian speaking out against transwomen in sports. A gay man opposing men in women’s bathrooms. A doctor questioning the validity of the left’s position on biology, or a credentialed climate scientist expressing doubts about CO2 as a driver of “climate change.”

You can’t just be Black, or Gay, or Female, or Hispanic, or in a Union or transgender, or anything else. It’s all or nothing.

If you value any semblance of real choice on any issue at any time in your lives or the lives of others, you can never vote Democrat again. Ever.