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Billionaires: Bloomberg Hasn’t Spent a Dime – Polling Better than Tom Steyer

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We like to poke fun at Tom Steyer. He’s a billionaire climate goon and a policy hypocrite. A hedge fund manager who rails on money in politics while spending hundreds of millions on it himself. For what? Bloomberg just announced, and he is polling better.

Bloomberg, another billionaire, anti-gun boob, is running too. Sort of, maybe, probably, but not in Iowa or New Hampshire. Or something. He has not “technically” spent a dime for his candidacy of which the FEC would have an official record we could plumb, and his national RCP average is 2.8 percent.

Steyer’s is 1.3 percent.

He has spent over 50 million in the presidential campaign to get to 1.3% while insisting he has a better business mind than Donald Trump. If we’re talking about ROI, I’m going to have to disagree. And based on our previous reporting, we know the ad barrage turned off younger voters in droves who only know Tom Steyer because they can’t stand him.

Steyer spent a small fortune on his own personal impeach Trump campaign. Impeach him for what? Not being Tom Steyer? More or less. There are no crimes just grudges and Steyer’s connection to the DC machine and his desire to protect the swamp that feeds it.

Steyer is also annoying, hard to look at, and harder to listen too. 

Not that Bloomberg is any better. But he’s not winning the nomination either. Not that it matters. Neither of them could beat Trump. None of them can. If even Democrats thought they could win, the Democrats in Congress wouldn’t be risking their House majority on impeachment hearings over a phone call to Ukraine with nothing in it.

But you still need to vote. Every race. It’s the only way we kick these bums out.