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Denmark Can No Longer Afford its Green Energy Utopia

de-icing-wind-turbineThis is amusing,

The cost of Denmark’s renewable energy policy has been too high, according to Denmark’s climate and energy minister Lars Christian Lilleholt

The minister made the statement in response to a report by the climate and energy ministry to parliament which shows that subsidies for offshore windfarms – which are paid by businesses and citizens via their electricity bills – have increased dramatically compared to what was originally expected.

In an interview with the newspaper Berlingske, the minister said that one had to accept that the price of the green energy transition is too high and that energy bills have to be cut as a result.

And we’ve got this,

In an attempt to reduce the total PSO tax, which goes to supporting sustainable energy, the government wants to scupper plans to establish wind turbines along the Danish coastline.
The government is aiming to cut the PSO tax by 8 billion kroner by axing the coastal wind turbines, which were agreed to during an energy agreement in 2012.

“Denmark’s economy is in a rut,” said Troels Lund Poulsen, the business and growth minister. “Cutting the PSO tax will be a significant help to Danish companies, which often compete with foreign companies that enjoy far lower taxes and fees.”

“As of now, the PSO tax limits Denmark’s ability to compete, and the cut will benefit all companies and will support continued production in Denmark.”

In total, the PSO tax is expected to cost companies and private energy consumers in Denmark some 70 billion kroner over the next decade.

Seven Billion a year in green energy taxes on businesses to pay for more green energy infrastructure which will only increase the green energy taxes. At least they realized it was depressing their economy.

And who knows, by 2025, after a few other economies implode as a result of these boondoggles, and the maintenance costs of the existing infrastructure bear down, Denmark will just forget about that new wind farm altogether?