The Left Needs More Crying Rooms and Safe Spaces to Vent Their Toddler-Like Rage. - Granite Grok

The Left Needs More Crying Rooms and Safe Spaces to Vent Their Toddler-Like Rage.

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Republicans and Conservatives trapped on #woke college campuses need to stay in the closet. Why? Well, they are no longer allowed to say they’ve come out of the closet. By which they mean, presenting their true political selves in a vitriolic left-wing controlled environment.


Don’t you dare use those words, that’s homophobic.

The Texas State chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas held the event on October 8 which featured a metaphorical closet through which conservative students could walk and “reveal” their politics. … This did not sit well with, among others, Student Senator Colton Halter who labeled the YCT’s idea “homophobic” during Student Government’s order of the day, according to The University StarStudent Government President Corey Benbow added that the YCT “affected […] students in an offensive manner.”

It is it more offensive to people who’ve come out or have not? Both!  The #wokeasaurus is angry because of all the things that “coming out means,” especially to people whose friends were killed because they ‘came out.’

Okay, let me get your thoughts on this, seeing as most of y’all are probably leftist-Democrats.

The Democrat Party, the party of slavery, Jim Crowe, who treaded blacks as property. Abused and tortured them – killed them at their convenience. Then fought against emancipation and every improvement to their rights and lives. And then declared themselves the champions of Black Americans and went about the business of trapping as many of them as they could in dependency sequestered in crime-riddled urban ghettoes where they suffer physical and social trauma daily including injury and death. 

I presume your response to this is to keep electing the same Democrats, well, I know it is. Democrats who even now are devaluing girls and women’s sports by allowing biological men “who came out as women” to use their inherent biological advantages to defeat them in competition.

Put another way. Go to hell hypocrites. We’ll use the language any way we like, and if it makes you uncomfortable, beg for more crying rooms and safe spaces to vent your toddler-like rage. 

When you are ready to grow up and enter the real world, if we’re lucky enough, we’ll still have one. But for that to happen, people with whom you disagree politically need to feel like they can express themselves without fear of intimidation or abuse.

And that’s not possible on the modern college campus. Everything and everyone, including the LGBT whiners are working overtime to keep people from speaking, associating, meeting, discussion, or engaging in conversation of which they do not approve. And while I get that you’ve been trained to avoid having to defend your party’s stupid positions. Why do you think the same leadership that “trained you” to be intolerant will brook any dissent from anyone once they’ve no more need for a first amendment?

Put another way, they abandon minority and women at their convenience, which makes you think you’re any different.

Republicans and conservatives are not going to silence your speech even if they disagree with it. Democrats want to fine people and put them in jail for it.

Pretend that’s not more dangerous. Go ahead.

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