PUBLIC: EU sneers that Brexit will happen. PRIVATELY: oh crap! - Granite Grok

PUBLIC: EU sneers that Brexit will happen. PRIVATELY: oh crap!

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I think Brexit is great. It shows that a country’s sovereignty means something.  It also means competition!  And if there is one thing that the EU autocrats hate it is competition.

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Even though creating a “United States of Europe” was always the intent to be a “competitor” to the US and not just a “Common Market” as was given at its inception (that old “slippery slope” crap).


France is opposed to Brexit Britain becoming a “tax haven” on the EU’s doorstep, a French government minister has said. French minister Amélie de Montchalin told C News television on Thursday: “I do not want to have a tax haven at the gates of Europe.”…Expressing concern the UK may obtain an advantage over Europe, Ms de Montchalin said: “We have to look at whether standards are being met.” “We ask our companies to respect environmental, social, and fiscal issues. We must be able to work fairly,” she added.

France is not the only EU Member State to fear a competitor unfettered by Brussels rules across the English Channel. In September, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was worried that Brexit would result in having an “economic competitor at our door”.

And this would be the “the jig is up” piece:

European Council President-elect Charles Michel had also said that he was concerned about the UK drifting away from Europe and moving “more toward the United States”.


Last month, the prime minister made overtures to American businessmen, saying Brexit Britain would “roll out the red carpet for our American friends”. “We’re going to take advantage of all the freedoms that Brexit can give whether it’s new tax allowances for businesses or speedier public procurement contracts or creating new free ports, enterprise zones, devising better regulations for sectors the UK leads the world [… and] more competitive tax rates,” Mr Johnson had said. The UK has said that it could work out a trade deal with Australia in a matter of months. Reports allege that Boris Johnson and Donald Trump could strike a free trade agreement by July 2020.

We’ve been talking about Brexit on our GrokTALK! podcast with Grokster Mike Rogers, our ex-pat from Great Britian, giving us some insights into the process that most of us wouldn’t be able to figure out.

What IS clear is that Americans understand competition; it’s part of our DNA (although our now our dumbing down education system is trying to breed it out of our children with “participation trophies” type mindsets).  What is clear from this article is that I now think that the EU has much less of a hold on Britain than what is publicly seen in the media. It always seemed that the weight and power of this separation was always tilted to the EU; perhaps not?

It would take a strong leader to pull this off and if Boris really is the “Trump of Britain” (or a reincarnation of Churchill or Thatcher?), doing the politics of using one’s economy as a leverage point (a la Trump versus China) may be the linchpin.

After all, if Britain says “Hey, the welcome door is open – our tax rates just went down by 50%” what can a bloated, slow moving EU offer to its companies – “Stay here – we’ll put set up more regulations to keep you busy meeting”.  Meanwhile, if Boris does do a free trade deal with Trump, he now would have a market far bigger, faster growing, and more innovative than the sad sacks of Europe.  And if the rest of the Commonwealth also falls in (e.g., the rest of the Anglosphere), Boris may end up with the last laugh.

Money speaks and speaks loudly. Europe may crow about the size of its markets but instead of Britain having to pay around $35 billion as an exit tax, the end result may be that Britain, in the long run, be stealing the EU’s lunch money – forever.

(H/T: Breitbart)