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Poll: Michelle Obama Would Win New Hampshire Democrat Presidential Primary


If you were looking for evidence of the vapidity of Leftists, this FPU- Boston Herald Poll is your ticket. New Hampshire Democrats would pick Michelle Obama over all those other Democrat Socialist Marxists.

From “I’d buy that for a dollar,” Newsweek

The FPU-Boston Herald telephone poll of 422 likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire found that Obama would be in the lead on 26 percent if she entered the contest now.

In joint-second place would be Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (20 percent) and former Vice President Joe Biden (20 percent), followed by independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (15 percent).

Michelle Obama is rumored to have hated the White House and everything about being there. The only attraction was probably the super-star treatment of being a Democrat FLOTUS and the Hollywood A-list vacation budget that came with the position.

Look at those toned arms!

The Obama’s took advantage. Spent enormous sums of our tax dollars on meaningless travel to promote themselves or to “relax.” Their massive entourage in tow. 

And they are now millionaires, having purchased 14 million dollars’ worth of (supposedly) soon to be underwater property on Martha’s Vineyard.

Yes, Democrats in New Hampshire who promise us our current Seacoast is in imminent danger from global warming think she’d be the best pick for President. 

That tells you a lot about the rest of the field and a lot about them.

| Newsweek