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McCarthyism is Alive and Well on WKXL


Ryan is the GM of WKXL, which bills itself as NHTalkRadio.Com. He is the host of a daily three-hour show … 9 am to noon … called “NH Now.”

As for Ryan’s tweet … Gabbard’s outrage at being falsely accused of being a Russian asset is actually proof that she is a Russian asset because … here it comes … Gabbard has never condemned Assad.

That must be one a helluva tin hat that Ryan is wearing.

Gabbard served two tours of duty in the Middle East, and currently serves as a Major in the National Guard. She sits on the House Armed Services Committee and the House Financial Services Committee.

Here is my response on twitter to Ryan:

Here is Gabbard responding to the McCarthyism of Hillary and Hillary’s sycophants:

To be clear, I think you are nuts if you vote for Gabbard. Her position on virtually all the other issues is cookie-cutter Socialism. In other words, the point here is not to endorse Gababrd but to highlight/condemn the McCarthyism of Ryan.

And let me add that I think any GOP who goes on Ryan’s show is equally nuts. It’s one thing to go into the “lion’s den.” Quite another to give legitimacy to a conspiracy-theorist wacko.